1byone ATSC Digital Converter Box for Analog TV, Analog TV Converter Box with Record and Pause Live TV, USB Multimedia Playback, HDTV Set Top Box for 1080p(New Version)-Black

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Let Your Analog TV Receive Local HDTV Channels!
1byone Digital TV Converter Box converts over-the-air ATSC digital broadcasts for playback on your analog TV. Working together with your TV antenna, Digital Converter Box lets you enjoy all your local broadcasts for FREE from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and many others with expanded programming for kids, news, sports, sitcoms and more.

Customer Reviews

Worked great for me, but didn’t use it in the end

 on September 14, 2017
By K. Matney
OK – I’m going to give this product 5 stars, even though I ended up selling mine on Ebay, and going with a better solution. First off, the box does work as expected – you hook it up to an Antenna, and then it can scan for stations, and output live TV through the HDMI cable. I’m in the Denver suburbs, and was able to bring in around 30+ channels, using a cheap “flat panel” antenna placed high in a window. The majopr network stations are in high def, and looked great. The remote is a bit clunky, and the IT didn’t work that great – you have to really point the remote at the box for the remote to work, even with fresh batteries.

Highly recommend.

 on December 22, 2017
By Donald Sass
This tuner is a bargain!! Better than the tuner in my HomeRun Extend which I compared with side-by- side using the same Yagi fixed antenna, and an A/B co-ax switch to easily select the input signal to my 2013 LG plasma TV. The 1 by one picked up more stations and the TV images were steadier, less pixelated and as good as the HD satellite images from my DirecTV receiver displayed on the same TV. Plus, the included PVR and program guide were better than the PVR and guide for which I paid extra to Silicon Dust for a monthly subscription. The 1 by one box was less expensive as well. Overall I’m very pleased and would recommend to anyone who wants to add OTA TV reception and ability to easily record OTA broadcasts, with no subscription fees, and to anyone who wants to replace their TV’s built in tuner with an exterior, better TV tuner at a reasonable cost.

… Digital converter Box the other day and was was amazed at its size

 on May 5, 2017
By Karen Sweat
I received my ATSC Digital converter Box the other day and was was amazed at its size. I was expecting something a bit larger, perhaps a bit bulky. No, this is sleek and portable. Inside the box were the following items:

Programing instructions

 on January 2, 2018
By Jeanne
I purchased this for the main purpose of recording programs. So far, I am pleased with the results. At first, I did have questions and found the seller very helpful! Along with a number of reviewers I found the manual to be not the best since I like to see instructions to be step by step. Please see below my version of step by step instructions.

Good unit, terrible remote

 on April 2, 2017
By Laurie N.
The hardware itself is good and works as designed. The case is so lightweight that it tips up a bit from the weight of the coax and hdmi cables. The remote, however, is terrible, and EXTREMELY picky about exact line of sight to the IR receiver. Buying a Harmony One that will hopefully solve that frustration, though this device is not listed in the Harmony database. It also would not recognize my Tivo Western Digital DVR expander drive (even though I bought a eSata to USB adapter for it). I am going to have to buy a plain old USB drive to record, assuming I can figure out how that works. The documentation is pretty bad too, and it took a couple of readings and trial and error to figure out how to delete 40 of the 63 channels my OTA antenna picked up – they need to hire a real software development team to create more intuitive software. But, for the price, it is hard to complain too much. We will see how long it lasts.

$40 Over Air TV DVR, A Frustrating Bargain

 on December 21, 2017
By David Huckabee

The HD Antenna ATSC Converter Box was super easy to install

 on November 7, 2017
By Vicky
A product that surpises me a lot.The HD Antenna ATSC Converter Box was super easy to install, and it beats having a bulky antenna on the top of my house. I can see this picking up many more digital channels for free. Enough to want to stop paying for TV. Effect of 1080P ,the video is very clear. It also supports USB multimedia playback .Full satisfied with my requirements. I like this product very much.

Great HDMI option for DTV antennas. DVR / Live TV Pausing great as well.

 on January 24, 2018
By Cindy Lou Roy
EDIT:When I delete a channel to avoid it whie surfing, some come back. oddly enogh its all the shopping and religious stations. Would lovve to kow how i could keep it from msking those stations ever coing back. Deleting most channe;s wors perfectly.

The best Converter Box all around!

 on August 3, 2017
By A. L. Genzale
This converter box has many great features, like a signal quality/intensity meter, ability to add channels, recording by timer or instant recording, and the ability to view your videos and recorded TV shows on its USB slot. What really makes this box stand out over nearly all others is its powerful reception and signal pickup with an antenna. Many other boxes have weak reception, but this box has a powerful tuner. On its Main Menu there is an option for Antenna Power ON or Off – switching it to on adds power to your antenna and improves reception. Like other converter boxes, due to their small size and compact internal electronics they can get hot, so its wise to protect your investment by buying an extended warranty for peace of mind should any malfunction occur.