3D Glasses Direct-3D Glasses – Nvidia 3D Vision Ultimate Anaglyph 3D Glasses – Made To Fit Over Prescription Glasses

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3D Glasses Direct-3D Glasses – Nvidia 3D Vision Ultimate Anaglyph 3D Glasses – Made To Fit Over Prescription Glasses

Customer Reviews


 on December 5, 2016
By Nagol
We got these to watch movies with…so…I read a lot of reviews ,and was a little concerned about them as a lot said they didn’t get what they ordered. Ours were the brand shown,no effort to wear and fit perfectly over my fiancé’s glasses which was the reason for getting these,we haven’t watched anything yet,but we were told DEC.20th-january 12th.we got them today,December 6th. So loved that as we didn’t expect them for at least another couple of weeks although we ordered them a few days before Thanksgiving! He was so excited when he came home to find them super early. They are comfortable and there is the clear on the sides..but it didn’t bothrt me with lights on although I didn’t have but a soft toned light on in the room.

Great for those with glasses

 on August 31, 2011
By Mike R
For anyone with glasses who has tried to use those 3D glasses packed in with movies, you know they’re a total pain to wear. You usually end up trying to stick it over your glasses and stretch it around, and it never fits right, never stays in place and just feels horrible.

The product itself is sturdy and seems well-made and for my application it works …

 on February 24, 2015
By Jonah Mack
I’m trying to help teach my brain to get along with my slightly lazy eye. My brain doesn’t combine the left and right eye together fully as I have a 20/20 left eye and a 20/200 (yes that’s 200 or I see at 20 ft what most people see at 200, trust me its horrible) right eye. With so much imbalance the two eyes don’t work together and the left eye takes almost complete control of my vision. These glasses come into play as I’ve read that training the eyes to work together through color-coded games (red – blue so only 1 eye see’s the objects at a time) can help a lazy eye stay still and for the brain to combine the images from both eyes correctly (With the help of corrective lenses of course). The product itself is sturdy and seems well-made and for my application it works well, thank you!

Not An Nvidia Product, But They Do Work For Me

 on July 8, 2015
By Paul Tutherow
The image and the actual product are not very similar. The glasses I received are not an Nvidia product. The filters are made of a thin film of plastic rather than lenses and loose in the frame. Considering the price of less than 2$ I feel like I did get a fair value and they do work with Nvidia 3d Vision on my system. In the end though, I probably won’t use these or 3d Vision. Perhaps the full active glasses from Nvidia rather than Cyan/Red filters are better. The 3d still images though are impressive enough I would use these for that purpose. Your experience may very based on your system and monitor.

Old technology but works with YouTube 3D

 on April 29, 2013
By SilverCore Labs
I was a little skeptical about the Nvidia label but for the price I was willing to give them a try. To my surprise, the label on the side is stamped Nvidia which appears to be their logo but I am still skeptical whether or not these are official Nvidia glasses. With that said, they were a decent quality and seemed to work very well with YouTube Red/Blue 3D settings. The plastic is rather cheap and seems brittle so I would not drop these on a hard surface or they may break. The lens appears to be clear and cover a large surface area of the frame. There is a little tinted side window on each side, not sure what this is for, but does allow in some ambient room light, but much like it would appear from dark sun glasses. For the price they appear to work well, just keep in mind that these will ship from China so don’t expect them soon. They will take a couple weeks or so to reach your location depending on where you are. If you’re looking for a decent set of 3D glasses to view YouTube 3D services or other Red/Blue 3D services then this will work just fine. And best of all there cheap to!​

Good, But Not Great

 on May 23, 2011
By Elak Swindell
Being a HUGE fan of 3D in every way, especially well done anaglyphic imagery in comics, magazines, movies and photos; I had to snag one of these specs for my collection. Since they fit over corrective lens glasses, that added to their appeal as well. But, there are some small issues. First, why are they called “Nvidia 3D Vision Ultimate Anaglyph 3D Glasses” when the ones I got just had a shiny black frame without any logo on them? The frame looks just like the one in the image, but clearly it wasn’t made or put out by Nvidia. Instead, it’s distributed by “GTMax”. Second, there is nothing “ultimate” about them. They are just normal anaglyphic style glasses that are made for fitting over eyeglasses. They do that very well and look great too. If they had sunglasses lens in them, I’d love to use the specs for driving. Now, as for the 3D aspect, they do the job, but not as well as the best anaglyph glasses available, the ProAna. The cyan lens is visibly darker than that of the ProAna, causing images to also be a bit darker when viewing them. Though the ProAna specs do not fit nicely over and around eyeglasses like this “ultimate” pair, they do rest lightly on them and have a lighter shade of cyan, making images more natural looking. Both glasses accomplish the same task of giving excellent 3D to anaglyphic images, either in video or printed form, but I will always prefer the ProAna over any others and so should you if you want the best.


 on July 7, 2011
By Sean
I purchased these bad boys and the Pro Ana(high end)’s. I will be comparing the two when the Pro Ana’s come in, which should be any minute now. So when I opened the small brown box these glasses came in in, I instantly noticed these did not have the Nvidia logo on it 🙁 oh well.

Correct brand from CP Clearinghouse

 on February 23, 2012
By Bryt Greenwood
Many reviewers have noted that when they ordered this product, what they received was not what was advertised. The product that I received from CP Clearinghouse is exactly what is advertised on the product page, including the “NVIDIA 3D VISION discover” logo on the side.