Better quality passive 3D glasses, for LG, Panasonic, Vizio and all Passive 3D TVs & RealD 3D Cinema glasses (pack of 2). Not for Active 3D and projectors.

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Families who watch 3D movies together are healthier!
Did you know that doing activities with your family, such as watching 3D movies, reduces stress levels and increases mental and physical health? It's true!

– Don't you just love coming home knowing you are going to watch that new movie?
– Only received one pair of 3D passive glasses with your TV?
– Your current 3D glasses don't fit over your prescription glasses?
– Or are your current 3D glasses low quality?

Better 3D View solves all of these problems for you today!

– Increase quality time by being able to watch 3D movies with the entire family. This box contains a set of two.
– Works on all passive 3D TV's, so these are LG passive 3D glasses as well. But also, Philips, Vizio, Sony, Panasonic and JVC.
– The frame is designed to fit over your regular prescription glasses and be comfortable. (Oversized style prescription glasses excluded).
– These best 3D glasses have thick lenses for durability. Use them over and over again!
– Two complimentary microfiber pouches are included to clean and store your 3D glasses. Perfect for when you want to bring them along!
– Going to the movies frequently? Bring these RealD 3D glasses and enjoy 3D movies in the theater, without having to use their recyclable ones.

Try them out with zero risk: we want you to be happy! Not happy? Just return them for a full refund.

Make the best out of your family time, forget about your day to day routine and be entertained. Laugh with your wife/husband and kids and enjoy 3D movies at home and in the REALD 3D movie theater with the B3DV passive REALD 3D glasses.

Take action now and you'll be watching your first movie together this week still!

Customer Reviews

Much better Quality in this "Price Group" Great Pair for the King and Queen of the new TV -buy the cheaper set of 4 for the kids

 on January 19, 2017
By Chris Colt
Excellent Quality, huge improvement over standard LG glasses – they feel like a good quality pair of Sunglasses but a lot lighter. They wrap around and block out ambient light and motion from the sides, extremely comfortable and the wrap around design actually helps keep you focused on the TV – lets say they block out noise and interference by focusing your vision straight ahead at the TV. As far as performance – the lens are definitely superior to the rather cheap stuff you get for less, no distortion due to poor lens quality or warped thin plastic, because of higher quality they appear to be more scratch resistant – time will tell but all in all I think these are built to last, they are nice and tight on your face so they wont fall off and they don’t have that cheap feeling – they almost feel like they were custom fitted to your face. Great value although 2x the price of the cheap ones available – I bought these for me and the “Queen” of the house – guests and children get the other set available on Amazon (set of 4) – these are also better quality than the LG pair that comes with the TV but not nearly as good as the pair I am reviewing now – and finally the pair that came with the TV are for causal guests/kids friends that come over or to replace a pair that gets lost or broken until I can re-order.

Excellent product! And now with an important update appended!

 on July 25, 2017
Quality 3D glasses that block your peripheral vision perfectly so that your focus is only on the TV screen. Very happy with the purchase and handy microfiber bags to keep them in.

Worth every penny!

 on December 4, 2017
By Brandon
While many say (and it may be true) that 3D televisions are ‘dead,’ at least in the United States, I cannot say enough about these glasses for those of us that have and use a 3D TV. Also, some televisions are still being sold with 3D as an option, and if you get one, you should do yourself a favor and grab these as well. My Vizio came with eight pairs, and while they were perfectly acceptable, I recently decided to try these out as the reviews are outstanding, and the customer service sounds just as good (always important). I was shocked by how nice the packaging was, but the real test is, of course, watching a few 3D movies. I admit I was a bit worried as I normally wear surround sound headphones, and the shape of the glasses I thought might get in the way as I also wear normal eye glasses. Not to worry as they fit perfectly with zero issues. Something almost magical happened, though, upon watching my first film (Star Trek Beyond 3D): it looked BETTER than the glasses that I had been using. I do not want to pretend it was twice as good or anything like that, but these glasses have lenses that are clearly not as dark as the ones that came with my television, but most importantly, my TV has *always* had an issue with slight ghosting/crosstalk on the right side of the screen. Always. I just got used to it and accepted it. I am not exaggerating when I say that the ghosting vanished for at least 90% of what I watched. I’m far from an expert on how different passive glasses can actually be, but these did actually make my picture look better.

Awesome glasses for the price, and A+ customer support

 on September 1, 2016
By Andrew A Garrison
Hello, i have been looking for good passive glasses that will fit over my perscriptions, Ive tried clip ons. Larger versions from amazon, all didnt do what i wanted it to do. Block light, and fit right over my perscripted glasses.

Must have for people with glasses!

 on June 6, 2016
By James R
If you wear glasses, then this is a must have. The glasses a movie theater gives out are uncomfortable. These are much better. I like the way it blocks out any additional light one the sides. It rests on the frame of my glasses so it doesn’t give you that awkward feeling of a 2nd pair on your nose. I have only used it once, but I thought the quality of the 3D effect was as good or better than the movie theater version. I highly recommend these.

Awesome glasses, well built with sturdier lenses make cleaning …

 on May 21, 2017
By Isaiah
Awesome glasses, well built with sturdier lenses make cleaning alot easier. Love that they wrap around your face and keep the light from coming in the sides preventing glare. Purchased the glasses after setting up my new TV and was excited to have a set of quality glasses to enhance the experience as I have another 3D TV and after buying after market know how much of a difference there is. When they arrived I tried them out on a Friday night and found that one pair had a defect in one lens. I was worried about having to go through the whole return process but knew I needed to as soon as I could so I emailed them that night. To my surprise I had an email back forst thing in the morning requesting my order number and I’ll be darned sunday they informed me a new pair were on the way! Outstanding in today’s standards this seller is phenomenal with their customer service and I highly recommend them and their product! Will definitely be doing business with them again!

Quality is first rate in these fine 3D passive glasses — highly recommended!

 on May 7, 2017
By Vidman95
These 3D glasses are truly a quality item. By using them for several months now, each time I put them on I am reminded of the care and consideration that went into the creation of this product. When the box arrived, each pair of glasses is placed in a bag made of microfiber fabric that has a pull tie to close it. The bag serves as a cleaning cloth so that marks and smudges can easily and quickly be removed before use. The glasses themselves are quite sturdy and comfortable to wear. As anyone who watches a 3D films knows, light creeping in from the side is of no benefit. The large “blinders” on each side help to keep the focus totally on the film while not blocking anything needed in view. They are also quite sturdy. In every way these glass have proven to be completely satisfactory.

Nice glasses for a good price.

 on June 6, 2018
By Bargain hunter
Nice glasses, work really well. They come in a little soft pouch. The first night I found them so comfortable we watched about 5 hours of 3D movies. The next night I put them on and got a headache. I discovered the reason was my head was sore. I’m sure most people don’t watch 3D movies for 5 straight hours though, so I doubt that will be a problem. lol Our TV was a Panasonic TC-60CX800U 60″ 4K UHD 3D 240Hz Smart LED TV. (just information for those that want to know. It is a passive 3D).

Great glasses for passive 3D

 on February 7, 2017
By James H
Bought these for my new LG 4K TV that includes support for passive 3D. I actually bought a few different types of glasses but these were the best of the bunch. They are comfortable yet solid and durable (not cheap and flimsy like many). I expect these will last quite awhile and the lenses are sturdy so that they can be easily cleaned without bending or warping.