DIRECTV SWiM Mobile RV Portable Satellite Dish Tripod Kit SWM SL3S

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Amazon Price: $129.94 $129.94 (as of September 24, 2018 2:33 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Satellite Oasis Directv SWiM HD tripod kit is the new addition to our highly rating portable satellite dish tripod kit. This kit is compatible with your H25, and Genie model receivers (HR34, HR44, and on). The kit comes with everything you need to have portable satellite TV in HD. With our highly rated instruction booklet, you'll have the kit setup quickly and efficiently.

Customer Reviews

It was great until DirecTV started using SWM’s

 on November 15, 2015
By D. Davis
I had one of the automatic Winegard Carryout antenna’s. It was great until DirecTV started using SWM’s. When using my old, standard def receiver (which was all you needed with the Carryout for DirecTV because the antenna doesn’t do DirecTV HD (Dish has much better service for campers). When I had to replace my receiver, the new one no longer worked with the Carryout. I ended up having to buy an SWM kit (as expensive as this entire setup). The SWM kit worked, but only for about 3 days then stopped working. Since the SWM Kit still did not give me HD reception, rather than replace the SWM (which had irritated me by failing so quickly anyway) I went ahead and bought the portable dish.

Works Awesome – DirecTV Mobile Dish

 on November 4, 2016
By Mrs. JohnnyQuest
Based on all the reviews one would think this was not a good product. We use this for our RV and take our DirecTV HR44 receiver from home with us. We initially set up the DIRECTV SWiM Mobile RV Portable Satellite Dish at home and picked up a decent signal in less than 20 minutes.

Great with Model HR44-500 DVR

 on August 8, 2016
By Dmcdona
I purchased this dish last November and am using it on my summer travels. While I knew I had a SWM type DVR, I could not find out how my DVR would work with he dish on setup.

I found I had to tweek it like I did at home and instantly obtained my signal

 on November 28, 2017
By MrsKris
Ok. First off read the complete manual first. This is not a plug and play product. After the fifth failed attempt and after a lot of cussing and a little more research and adding the app satellite ar to my phone I was able to get a 98% signal in less than two minutes. After obaining the signal at home I took it to my deer base camp and using what I had learned had 98% signal in about a minute. That is not counting the time to set it up per the specs in the manual (about 15 minutes). I found I had to tweek it like I did at home and instantly obtained my signal. I found that after setting it up level and setting the tilt, angle and the azimuth I still had to raise the front of the dish approximately 4 inches in both locations 50 miles apart to get the signal. Using the app satellite ar helps you to align the dish with the specific satellite you are looking for to get you close. Don’t waste money on a sat signal finder as it will not help. Use the signal strength finder on the tv provided in the menu. After marking the dish setting at deer base camp all I have to do is set the dish on the pole mount at camp and align it to the point where I marked it and turn it on. Literally takes one minute now to set up at camp. I would have given 5 stars but took one away due to me having to alter the angle of the dish outside of the specs provided by direct tv at both locations to obtain a signal. Will be looking at additional stands for other locations that I frequent so that I can just set the antenna to a pre marked setting and save a lot of set up time. All in all it does exactly what it is supposed to do if you do your due dillagence and is a good product.

Excellent for the RV

 on June 23, 2015
By Steven Jaszczak
The mobile RV kit is exactly what I hoped it would be. It is easy to assemble. I can break it down for travel in a hurry. The tough part is aiming it as it is swm and the inexpensive meters don’t work with it. But, the simplicity of setup makes up for that. It was also shipped very fast and packaged well. I’m very happy.

Great on the go system and great service from Satellite Oasis.

 on April 5, 2018
By Tim L
Satellite Oasis was outstanding with their service after the sale. When I received the DirecTV system, one edge of the dish was bend with coating damage, while all other components were fine. They followed up with me and upon learning of the damaged dish, sent me a new reflector at no cost to me. I set the system up which was straight forward and following the sat settings indicated on my DirecTV system, set the tilt and elevation while making sure the mast was exactly vertical. Then pointed the dish at the approximate azimuth, then rotated the dish slowly in the general area and within a couple of minutes had a full signal with all our favorite DirecTV channels coming in full HD. So, great system, great service and now unlimited enjoyment while we are in our TT crossing the country. Highly recommend the system and Satellite Oasis for you on the road DirecTV system.

Good choice for camping

 on November 26, 2016
Everything you need. We bought for our rv and sets up quickly. We did replace the connectors with better quality just in case because this is outside. Don’t waste money on satellite finder if you have a smart phone

Professional cable installer gives you the clear choice on these dishes. And how to set them up.

 on March 11, 2017
By Rich Chandler
The product is exactly as described, works great, setup is easy. The only thing is that I didn’t read well enough to find that there is no SWM splitter included with this kit. Our motorhome has 2 HD TV’s so it needs the splitter. You can get one on Amazon for about $7. Just a dual is fine. You can also find them at Walmart and other hardware stores. Make sure it clearly states SWM splitter.

Not what I expected

 on October 25, 2017
By L J Abadie
I am very happy with the reception and the picture. I never expected it would be so hard to locate the satellites. In order to get local programming you must point the dish accurately.