DirecTV SWM SL3S Portable Satellite RV Dish Kit Camping Tailgating with Tripod SWiM and level

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Amazon Price: $115.00 (as of September 25, 2018 4:47 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Directv HD Satellite dish RV tripod kit from is the perfect solution for taking your HD Directv satellite service with you on the road (RV Satellite, Camping). If HDTV is what you're after while traveling, this is the perfect kit. The kit comes with everything you need to get your DirecTV satellite TV service on the road. All you need is your satellite receiver a TV and 120V power and you'll be ready to watch TV. ATTENTIoN: This unit is compatible all SWM Compatable Directv receivers like the H23,HR24,H25,HR35 HR44 HR54 Genie's

Customer Reviews


 on July 23, 2015
By Dannjr
We bought this to replace a old 18 inch round dish.. It took a little reading online because the print in the book that came with the kit was way to fine of a print.. After downloading the instructions from the sellers website and checking the settings for the SWM LMB we have with this kit the setup went fast… We used the info for the setup from the Directv Box Tuner and had it tuned in under 15 minutes…

set this up in our yard and had it running …

 on June 19, 2015
By Jennifer Nedvidek
set this up in our yard and had it running in no time to our camper. Testing before we head out for summer trips!!! Go Tigers

Use this to build a football tailgate tv setup like I did!

 on December 4, 2017
By Mark
I bought this package to set up a football tailgate tv and it has been a great purchase! I will say this though, if you want to set up a portable tv with this then you should consider purchasing the components separately as it is probably a little cheaper. You would need the dish (obviously), the LNB, the pole, the coax cables and the power source (shown in picture). I would skip the base and instead mount the pole into a home depot orange bucket full of quikrete (cement). The base will be much heavier this way but I found the tripod legs to be uber flimsy and harder to adjust. I use this setup with an H25 receiver and it works great so just be sure and check your receiver model to make sure that it works with this particular satellite. Anyhow…it’s a lot of writing but in short, buy the dish, the LNB, the power supply, the pole, the coax cables and something to make sure the dish is level (otherwise you’ll never find a satellite) and you’re goof to go. The other things included in this package are in my opinion unnecessary and clunky.

Dish reflector damaged in shipping, but here’s how to fix it!

 on December 25, 2016
By Jawzzy
I ordered this dish in September, and quickly discovered the dish itself was not right. After no help from customer service, with my resources I was able to determine it was the reflector that was out of “wack” (as others have complained here), so I put my knee in the middle of it and pulled in from first the top and bottom, then from the sides. I could feel it bending. Once done, since I had another reflector to compare it with, I saw that I had made it a bit too deep now in the center, so I just leaned on it flat on the floor and bent it back a wee bit into shape (most likely the same kind of thing that flattened it out in the first place), put it back up and was amazed to find a signal strength now on my meter of 91%, whereas after 100’s of installs I’d never seen anything above 83% before for 101. With the dish bent a bit deeper now than normal, I was leery that I may have screwed up the reflector for 99 and 103, but after checking my signal strengths on the receiver, they were ALL higher than I’d ever seen before as well, leaving me to believe that DirecTv isn’t even shipping these dishes as well tuned as they could be. The only thing I can think of is that they’re the way they are from DirecTv possibly for 110 and 119, but so few need those birds any longer (Spanish channels). So if you’re somewhere that needs as good a signal as you can get, you may want to give bending the dish inward a shot to increase your signal strengths.

Good, but no instructions!

 on December 18, 2016
By cimm
Dish a bit bigger than anticipated, if you do not know what you are doing, get someone who does to help you, there are no instructions at all! At least that is my experience upon receiving the package. Once set up, works great for our purpose of taking our service on the road. Took roughly 45 minutes from start to finish to get the picture. There are several apps to help you find the sats position, we used sat finder lite. It has everything you need to setup but your HD receiver, the compass they send is a joke, not even a good toy for a kid! Will update once we get on the road.

Works Great

 on February 28, 2016
By Raymond Cavazos
Works great, even on my boat at dock. Once I got it lined up it seems to hold the signal. It seems to be able to handle a little bit of movement. I have a 42` boat and it is in a protected harbor and I get very little sway and rock so I thought it was worth a try and it works great. This might not work for you but its works great for me.

easy setup once you figure it out

 on September 17, 2016
By Michael D.
Have used it in two different states…easy setup once you figure it out…enter the zip code in the directv setup will give you your settings…excellent picture…very good product

This is the best Portable Satellite.

 on September 21, 2016
By Mary Tuttoilmondo
This portable satellite is Fantastic. Great product And Great dealer. We have had other portable satellites. This is the best one.