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THIS SALE IS FOR A NEW DISH NETWORK 1000.2 DPPLUS HDTV 119-110-129 DISH ANTENNA WESTERN ARC. The DISH 1000.2 satellite dish antenna uses an integrated three orbital location DISH Pro Plus LNBF to receive signal from 110°W, 119°W, and 129°W DBS orbital locations. INCLUDED: REFLECTOR SKIEW PLATE WITH ARM PLASTIC YOKE HARDWARE BAG INSTRUCTIONS LNBF 119-110-129 WESTERN ARC FOOT MAST REPACKED FROM A 10 SET PACK, NOT IN ORIGINAL BOX.

Customer Reviews

As long as my tri-pod is set with a level to be perfect vertical everything works great

 on February 4, 2017
By Ed1950
I paid $350.00 for a Dish King Tailgater that could not find a signal out in the middle of a field and when it did after working 2 hours with it the signal was extremely weak and the next day no signal at all and I would have to start all over again, I did this on a 45 day trip every stop we made. So I bought this dish and mounted it on a tri-pod setting the skew and elevation permeate for the south US so all I have to mess with when setting up is azimuth. As long as my tri-pod is set with a level to be perfect vertical everything works great, it takes me just a minute or two to find the signal and instead of a signal strength of 30 with the tailgater I usually get around 70. This dish will pick up all three signals for 110, 119 and 129 but you got to set 119 first then you should have the other two. Once you learn how to do it. it will be a breeze to set up. It is heavy for a tri-pod and any breeze will blow it over, I fixed this by using a doggie screw centered under the tri-pod and bungeed it down tight, works great. I also gave up on the omnitrack system I had on the roof of my RV as any tree limb would interfere with it and would not work unless I moved the RV out of the trees and as you know some sites have a lot of trees so I could never get a signal. So I have found this dish the best possible dish on the market for my purpose. A definite 5 stars.

Love it!

 on June 4, 2015
By Bama Ms T
Once we figured out we really REALLY needed the compass instead of all the other cute tools we purchased to “find” the satellites, set up was a BREEZE! Picture is PERFECT! We are extremely pleased with this. We purchased it for our camper, but will use it for outdoor tailgating and game gatherings on our patio, as well. Great value and super quick assembly (I did it myself). Fussed with the signal for about a day because hubs didn’t think we had to have the compass. LOL! GET THE COMPASS!!! Note I used a You Tube video to guide me through step by step assembly and it was quick and easy!

Works flawlessly, but view You Tube installation.

 on October 17, 2015
By George Bowe
The Package arrived in good shape. No damage. The instructions were not include, but were sent to me by email right away. At first, I had a problem with alignment of the dish and actually erroneously concluded that my LNB was defective. After some consultation, I was told that LNBs are rarely defective unless damaged. Then, after watching a video on installation of the Dish 1000.2 on an excellent You Tube video, I discovered the problem. I was using adjusting bolt and nut as my mark to align the dish instead of the metal tang. This information is NOT made clear in the instructions from Dish at all. Once I discovered my mistake, realigned the Dish using the inexpensive Digital inline Peaking meter put it right on. It works great! I had never installed one of these small dish types before. Great signal strength and now I get all my channels. I am hooked up to a VIP 211 receiver. I had thought about returning the Dish and the seller was very accommodating, but after I discovered the problem, all is well.

Easy setup if you know the tricks

 on October 29, 2015
By Larry W
I bought this to replace a portable dish antenna that was too small for reliable reception. I was only getting signal levels of 10-25 until I installed the 1000.2 antenna. Now I get 35-70 and have no signal issues at all. I used the cheap analog signal finder to align it. Make sure you first go to Point Dish and select 119 sat and transponder 21. Cover the outer two LNB heads with tin foil. Set the gain on the finder to about “1” level first. Then sweep the antenna left & right at different elevations until the finder meter jumps. Fine tune the 119 sat with small adjustments up/down/left/right to max out signal. If your skew is correct then 110 and 129 should be good as-is. Otherwise tweak the skew to max out 129 and 110 using tin foil on the other heads after changing Point Dish screen to 110 or 129. Can’t beat the price/performance of this item.

This is a great dish and very easy to install.

 on September 16, 2013
By ninerfan2
This is a great dish and very easy to install. Came a little scratched up as other people have mentioned. Just cosmetic so not a big deal.

The seller sent the wrong feed assembly

 on July 11, 2018
By Norcal Rob
I was unable to pick up the satellites with this dish and finally called a Dish Network installer. He determined that it was the incorrect feed horn assembly. After installing the correct assembly it worked as it was supposed to. Note: with some receivers it may be necessary to do a “Check switch” in the installation menu for all three satellites to show up on the same output.

Great picture now !

 on October 15, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I replaced my Tailgater with this dish and have never looked back. Super easy to set-up after looking up your needed setting from one of many on line sources. Mine is on a tripod and used for our RV. I went from a 25-30 Db signal to 75 and a great uninterrupted picture in fog and rain.

Picture shows correct LNB, but it isn’t

 on May 24, 2018
By Linda PM
The advertisement said that it would work with a 211 receiver. Hah! The LNB with the dish was for the Hopper only. And, the vendor was less than congenial when my husband called them. Fortunately, we found a local dealer who would switch the LNB for us, so all is well. We are “snowbirds” so this unit is our portable Dish for when we travel.

Dish Replacement

 on July 21, 2016
By rat58
This was a replacement for a dish that had blown over in the wind. We travel in an RV and the set-up was unstable. Try as I may I couldn’t get it bent back correctly, though it worked (sort of). This was an easy assembly, though there were no instructions. (I have done this several times before). Good price and works great.