Dish Network Turbo Hdtv Satellite Tripod Kit

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The Dish Turbo HDTV Satellite Dish Tripod Kit is perfect for the traveler that wanted to take their satellite TV on the road. All you need to do is assemble the dish, connect the dish to the receiver, and then point the dish to the satellite!

Comes with a folding portable tripod mount that makes it convenient to put your dish up to 50 ft away from your RV or campsite. This kit comes with a Satellite finder with a built backlight that makes pointing the dish easy. All you need is your Dish Network receiver, 120v power, your television, and couple hand tool. Dish aiming instructions are included.

Customer Reviews

Perfect for RV (Dish Wally)

 on April 17, 2017
By Jason
This setup is all you need for your RV, aside from a receiver (I use a Dish Wally, works great!) This kit has everything you need and the products that are supplied are of nice quality. The case is great, it is easy to assemble. Leveling is no problem (have a few wood blocks around in case…we are RV’ers, you know the routine). The tripod has some adjustments for the post that give you a little extra leveling if needed. The meter works great without making that horrible, loud whine that others do…it makes a subtle noise you can hear but your neighbors probably won’t.

Worked great!

 on December 26, 2013
By L. Willis
We began traveling in our RV in April and toured most of the western United States, ending our trip in July. After some initial trial and error, we found the Dish easy to set up and usually had no trouble having Dish TV within 30 minutes of getting parked. We had TV from the mountains of New Mexico to remote areas around Yellowstone Park. Keep in mind that you have to have a reasonably clear view of the southern sky to get a decent signal. There were one or two heavily forested areas in California where we couldn’t get any signal because of the thick canopy of trees, but pretty much everywhere else, it worked fine! Dish has a package deal for RVer’s that is pay-as-you-go for about $40 per month and there is no activation fee, disconnect fee or contract. The set up instructions are on the website and there is a tech support phone number on the website that is specific to RVer’s where you can get help with the unique set up requirements. And when you are ready to turn it off, you just call them and you are done. I recommend going onto some of the websites for RVer’s and reading through the discussions regarding satellite TV for your RV. Lots of good information and pointers there.

Recommend the following additional web sites for helpful pre setup …

 on January 14, 2015
By J. Blazer
After opening and initial set up, took less than 20 minutes to locked onto a strong signal for satellite 119. Just remember that it is the second satellite moving from East to West. Recommend the following additional web sites for helpful pre setup for first timmers. DishForMyRv – You Tube ( A 12 step video) and Dish It has a Google Map to help you zone in on the Azimuth, Elevation, and LNB Skew for your exact location. I found it to be a little more accurate than what the receiver indicates when you input your zip code.


 on September 15, 2013
By Nighthawk
This dish has everything needed to get my TV working when I bring my dish receiver to camp. I just connect my receiver to the dish and turn it on. It came with everything I needed to get it pointed in the right direction in a few minutes. The sturdy tripod was very easy to secure to the ground. My camper is in a permanent location, but this dish setup would be very easy to move if you are on the go.

Works perfect and very happy with product!

 on October 9, 2017
By Amazon Customer
So I have been a Directv customer for years. Few months ago I changed to Dish Network. I have a 5th Wheel RV and dry camp a lot, mostly at NASCAR tracks. I have had a manual dish in the past and been thinking about changing to a Tailgater or some type of auto find style. With the change to dish seemed to be perfect time. I love the Wally set up as to “Pay-as-you-go”. I really looked into all my options. Each I think fits a need. As to a Tailgater. If you are looking to run only one TV and move a lot. It would be perfect. Nice options and works great. If you want to run two TV’s at the same time, now we are at a different beast! With all that I found the King and the Pathway X2 are really the best. If you are south of PA or know that you can always get the Western Satellites, the King is all you need and works great. If you are north of PA and New England area where you might need to catch the Eastern Satellites, pay the difference and get the X2. Now the issue. They both run to TV’s, But with two RG6 cables ran to RV and the dish in the unit is small so it only picks up one Satellite at a time. So if you are on the 119 and change to a 110 satellite channel it moves. If the 2nd TV is on a 119 channel. It will lose it and have to reboot to a 110 channel. My son is always with me and never wants to watch the same channel so didn’t want to fight this. With the manual dish, you can do all you want to! You get all the 110, 119, and 129. This unit can run a Hopper and a Joey too. If you have two Wally’s you just have to run two lines from the LNB head right to the Wallys and works great. All my HD and no time to wait between Satellites. I think a lot of people worry about aiming the dish. It really is not that hard at all. The stand packs up small and take very little room. The kit is great it comes with. Find the Southwest sky, make sure your stand is level and take no time at all. No it is not a top of the line level and items. But they are nice and all you need. Everything was just as it was sold and was watching TV in 20 min after unboxing everything. Again it is all in your needs!

High- Quality Gear

 on November 8, 2014
By Muldoon
It’s all here – the Dish,the tripod,the meter, the RG6 low-loss coax, the specs for aiming it no matter where you are.

It is working good, and I had no problem getting it put …

 on December 19, 2016
By Kim Grimes
It is working good, and I had no problem getting it put together BUT the directions on how to connect it to a receiver to get a satellite signal was very vague. I messed with it at my RV site for multiple days and calling the people at Dish was like talking to wall, they were NO HELP. They will not send out a worker to help at the place my RV camper sits year round. I had to hire a guy in a town close by to come set it up, he informed me that it’s almost impossible to deal with Dish on the telephone because they only read from cards so unless you have done it several times it isn’t an easy fix. The cost was $75 where I’m located in southeast Missouri, it was worth it because I leave it in one place, but would not want to deal with it if I traveled often in it. (I used it with Dish Solo HD Reciever (ViP 211z)

then you use the signal meter to fine tune it

 on August 22, 2016
By Lance Stewart
People complain it doesn’t come with instructions, your Sat receiver has the skew and all you need to set it up, then you use the signal meter to fine tune it… For people saying they are getting a tailgater that’s fine if you have a 211 receiver. But if you have a 600 or 700 series you must have this set up a tailgater will not work… You will blow your money on a paper weight… Just type in your zip code your in, into the receiver, and use the compass on a level area, I set mine, my dad’s and my uncle’s Everytime… Takes about 12 minutes for each

Good product but I couldn’t get to work.

 on July 3, 2015
By jimglo845
I am writing this to let everyone know that it may work with other equipment but not with a Hopper.

Nice tripod setup, complete kit!

 on May 21, 2015
By crunchman
Dish Network Turbo Hdtv Satellite Tripod Kit is the latest offering from dish network. The kit came with everything needed except a Dish receiver. I purchased a Dish 211z to go with this kit. I use this setup at a permanent campground for my RV. It took about and hour to assemble and get pointed correctly but it works well. I have tall trees about 100′ from the dish so I was only able to tune in satellites 110 and 119. The HD satellite is 129 it is too low in the sky for me to pick up because of the trees blocking the signal but the standard definition channels look good enough for camping. The tripod is short and if extended to it’s highest level tips easily. I made a triangle stand from landscape timbers and screwed the tripod to that so it would not tip over. This kit did contain the bubble level that use see on the YouTube videos.