Evolved Dimensions (previously True Depth 3D) NEW Firestorm LT Lightweight Rechargeable DLP link 3D Glasses for All 3D Projectors (Benq, Optoma, Acer, Vivitek, Dell Etc) and All DLP HD 3D TVs (Mitsubishi, Samsung Etc) Compatible At 96 Hz, 120 Hz and 144 Hz! (2 Pairs!)

Amazon Price: $54.99 $49.99 You save: $5.00 (9%). (as of September 22, 2018 4:41 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The beautifully designed Evolved Dimensions Firestorm LT DLP-Link 3D shutter glasses provide a high quality low cost solution for viewing 3D images, movies and games on all DLP 3D Projectors as well as DLP Samsung or Mitsubishi 3D TVs (2005-2009 Samsung and 2005-2015 Mitsubishi DLP!) No emitter is needed!

These glasses feature a lightweight design and are among the highest quality glasses compared to other glasses in their class! The Evolved Dimensions Firestorm LT glasses come with a storage pouch and a cloth to clean the glasses and recharge easily via included USB cable!

The glasses operate at 96hz, 120hz, and 144hz making them ideal for any and all DLP 3D systems!

The new and improved technology virtually eliminates sync issues and other problems found in other DLP link glasses.

Compatible with the following projectors:


Mitsubishi: XD600U XD600U-G


Dell: 1610HD M210X M410HD S300 S300W

Vivitek: D508 D509 D510 D511 D535 D825MX

NEC: NP216 Projectiondesign F10 AS3D

Sharp: PG-D2710X D3010X D3510X D45X3D

ViewSonic: PJD5112 / 6210-3D / 6211 / 6220-3D /6221 / 6253 / 6251 / 6381 / 5233 / 5133 / 5523W / 7382/ PLED-W200 / SD7

Acer: H5360 P1100 P1200 P1203 P5205 S5201M S5200 S5201 P5290 P5206 U5200 P3251 6510BD P1206 M114 P1101 P1201 X1110 D302 D101E X1261P X1213P X1213PH X1211K X1211

BenQ: MP511+ MP612C MP626 MP670 MP722 MP772 ST MP776 ST BPS527 TS5275 TX762ST EP4227C EP4127C TX510 TS500 MW860USTi MS500+ MW516 MP780ST+ TX615 TH700 EP5328 TW516 MW712 W710ST W700 W1070

Optoma: EW531 EW536 GT360 Pro350W TX762 3DW1 HD33 IS500 XE151 DM3505 DK3902 DN3613 X118 XE3503 XE149 EX779P EX779 EX762 EX665UT EX610ST EX565UT EX551 EX539 EW775 EW610ST EW533ST ES551 HD5101 DM181 D411D HD141X DX346 W311 HD25LV HD26 W313 H26 X312

(and any other DLP link 3D projectors not listed)

Also compatible with legacy DLP 3D ready TVs

Customer Reviews

You wont find a better set of glasses for the money, especially with the level of support you get from True Depth!

 on August 17, 2014
By J. Fender
First of all and most important is that these glasses are amazing and are a great value for the money.

A Great Value and Amazing Service

 on May 11, 2015
By Phoenix
For the price, you can’t go wrong. While we ended up using this seller’s IR emitter with IR glasses, if you do have a television or projector that works with DLP link technology these are a very cost-effective accessory to your home theater system. They were one of the only brands that would actually sync up with my television, so I know the signal is strong. I personally prefer the seller’s other style of these, which are heavier and seem more durable, but if you want a lightweight pair of 3D glasses for DLP link technology at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with these. They are affordable and the technology is obviously superior. The seller is amazing as well. I have never in my life experienced such devoted customer service and such a knowledgeable third-party seller on Amazon. I have written a few reviews about his products and service and honestly can’t say enough good things about him and the items he sells. It is so rare nowadays to find quality products at great prices with great service. I would be confident in any product this seller recommended to me and I completely trust his knowledge and his products for all of my family’s 3D home entertainment needs. That is saying a lot, considering the fact that I don’t give praise lightly. 3dprostore is definitely worthy of any praise and I can recommend their products and services with complete peace of mind.

Don’t Buy If You Don’t Want To Get Hooked!!! They are amazing and clear!

 on January 20, 2015
By J.B.
Absolutely blown away!!!!

Perfect for the price!!!

 on November 19, 2014
By Michal
These are working perfectly with my Optoma HD141X (make sure you set the 3D mode in the Display menu to DLP-Link). I am using them with GTX570s in SLI via Nvidia 3DTV Play software, and an LG Blu-Ray drive with Corel WinDVD 11 Pro on Windows 7. Have watched 3 or 4 3D Blu-rays so far without a single issue. Gaming works, but you need Vsync on, which is a topic for another discussion.

Great clear 3d glasses with a great price!!!

 on March 10, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Mr Dan,truely enjoy your true depth 3d glasses.What is strikingly amazing is the 30 or so reviews rhat I readbefore buying true depth never mentioned how clear the true depth glasses are! The true depth glasses that you shippedme makes my old Expand glasses look like sunglasses.But lack of side blinders make me want to move up to your primium glasses. Some background, I recently was blessed to be cured of the ptsd that was incurred by being a police officer. Since than I am now using your true depth glasses to enjoy all of the 3d movies that I could not enjoy before! So I am now rebuying all of the action/drama movies that I couldn’t watch before. So your true depth movies, I am actually using to watch 2d to 3d tv movies. Even the 2d to 3d movies look great and clear with the glasses displaying true depth in that mode.Coincidentially I just received the Captain America 3d dvd in the mail and can’t wait to see the movie through your glasses I will rate the true depth glasses 5 stars with the caveat that I will use them as spare 3d glasses once I upgrade to the true depth premiums.

I would recommend these 3D glasses to anybody.

 on April 11, 2017
By Jeff
I’ve had a 3D projector for about 3 years and at first the glasses I was getting were expensive and very heavy. It wasn’t very comfortable wearing the heavy glasses thru an entire movie. A friend of mine recommended these glasses to me and I love them. They are easy to charge and very light weight. The charge lasts a long time – I haven’t tested them throughout the full duration but I was able to watch a few movies before recharging them. They are absolutely great and they are also less expensive than those heavy glasses. I would recommend these glasses to anybody.

Extremely easy to use

 on April 2, 2018
By Sean
I bought a projector along with these glasses and they were extremely easy to use and charge you literally push the button turn it on and then push it again to sync it up. Super easy-to-use though. And they work great so far. Now the part that goes over your ears the stems they’re a little flimsy but as long as you take care of them they should be fine

For Mitsubishi DLP TVs the trick is..

 on February 21, 2017
By Amz Buyer
I might give it 5 stars later but since I have watched a 3D only for 15 mins, just 4 for now.I have WD65837. I was almost going to buy an emitter for this as I thought the glasses are either not compatible with the TV or needs an emitter. But I read something on review of another true depth glasses and thought I would try it out.. The trick is to turn off the 3D and back on. And tried that and the 3D started working pretty much flawlessly. I didnt feel the shuttering and the 3D feels pretty smooth. I didnt feel the same with the old Xpand glasses which I stopped using as I got headache after the movie.. i could feel the shuttering with those but not with these glasses.. I might return and update the review later once I watch couple movies with it. Charging the glasses seem easy as it has the same port that comes with an HTC phone.

Good product

 on March 3, 2014
By Carlos Gustavo