Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4)

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Does Not Copy Prerecorded Hollywood Studio movies.

Customer Reviews

Just bought this yesterday to convert 100 VHS tapes.

 on January 1, 2014
By veemay
I had an old Panasonic DVD/VCR recorder and it finally died. I thought about taking the 100 VHS tapes I have to a professional place to get it done, but at $25 a pop ($2500!!), this machine looked like a better deal. It is very, very easy to ‘install.’ Unlike my last one, I didn’t have to deal with red/yellow/green/blue/white jacks, trying to figure out what goes where. They do have that option, but one HDMI cable did the trick instead.

Good quality!!

 on January 28, 2014
By Deborah M. Sullivan
I am so happy with this VCR/DVD combo. I shopped around for about a week and kept coming back to this one and I’m glad I made the right decision. Here a few details to know that I had to research before knowing what I wanted.

My Magnavox version died and I bought this one. Does the job but a few features are missing

 on September 29, 2015
By Steve Ramm
About three years agoAbout three years ago I bought the Magnavox version of this unit (Funai made that two but licensed the Magnavox name). I found it easy to use with a lot of options and converted about 50 VHS tapes to DVD (with many more to go). I was happy until last month the unit would not eject the DVD it burned. I tried everything and searching the web found that this was common with this unit. It was out of warranty and the repair bill would be more than a reconditioned unit. I was told this Funai unit was the same thing so I bought a reconditioned model and planned to do a lot of transfers in the 90 day warranty period.

Good Combination VCR-DVD Recorder.

 on March 1, 2014
The Funai (I had never heard of this brand before I purchased this) seems to work well as advertised. If recording from VCR to DVD make sure that you use the unit to format your disks. Recording from VHS to DVD is a slow process as you record at the same speed as playback so a 1.5 hr tape will take 1.5 hrs to record to DVD. I prefer using DVD-RW media as after finalising I can then take the file (the file format of this unit is VOB) to my PC and convert the VOB files (it makes one file per GB of data) to any preferred video format. I can then erase the DVD-RW and re-format in the Funai and record a new VHS tape. The converted file can be edited then be written to any DVD.

Adequate And Affordable

 on February 16, 2015
By James E. Helmick
This was the closest thing I could find to buy, compared to the DVD recorders from five to seven years ago. I use to do a lot recording off the TV. It was a decent price. It’s actual recording quality (DVD) is okay. Better than some, but not near the quality of my old Panasonic DMR-ES15. This will not record any DVD+ disks. It does not allow you to title the entire disk. It does not allow you to create a thumbnail of your choice. The on screen graphics are very cheap looking. It takes about three times longer to ‘finalize’ a disk than any previous DVD recorders I’ve had. This unit, and others being sold new at this time, seem like a step backwards in technology. None the less, if you are looking for a decent unit to dub VHS tapes over with, this is adequate and acceptable. I do record programs off TV to watch on this unit, but I doubt I’d ever record something off a broadcast to keep, because this unit is not capable of that kind of quality. Bottom line is, it’s adequate and affordable.

I bit finicky on the process but works great once you figure out the steps

 on January 20, 2016
By Edward J. George
I used this to transfer some VHS to DVD. I bit finicky on the process but works great once you figure out the steps.

Very satisfied so far

 on February 19, 2014
By D. Chandler
I’ve had this unit for almost two weeks now and have copied 30-35 VHS tapes to DVD; SO FAR it does what it claims to do and I have had no problems whatsoever. You can also record both VHS and DVD off the cable box. Installation looks intimidating at first glance but is really quite simple and unlike some competing machines this unit has several different ways to connect with televisions, other VCRs, cameras, cable boxes, et cetera, a feature I really appreciate. The editing features are fairly simple (as you would expect with the moderate unit cost) but have worked perfectly so far. I am so satisfied with this machine that if it breaks down in a month or two I still would have no hesitation whatsoever purchasing the same brand as a replacement.

Works Great

 on May 8, 2017
By Mathew Pitts
I have home videos from 1981 to 1992 that are still on VHS tapes. This makes it easy to transfer these to DVD. You must use DVD-R or DVD-RW discs. These are easily available everywhere. The process is easy, and my old videos look great. So many memories have been saved. We ran across only two tapes, out of about 50, that were degraded to the point that they would not play. They were kept in the garage in Houston for the last 35 years. All of the others have been perfect, and look surprisingly good on our 65″ Samsung 4K curved screen TV. This came factory new with all of the correct packaging, and instructions. My wife and I are very pleased. We have our 36 year old son’s first birthday, to my wife, who was the second female Cub Master in the state of Texas, directing our Cub Scouts, Tiger Cubs, and Webelo’s pack meetings. A really nice tool to have.