Magnavox MDR865H HD DVR/DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner (Black)

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The combination 500GB HDD & DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner has a HDMI 1080P up conversion output for HD picture quality. It records up to 500 hours of HD content.

Customer Reviews

Magnavox MDR865H

 on February 21, 2016
By LabLady
My cable doesn’t require a converter box. I had been using two Panasonic VCR/DVD recorders for years. I replaced one with a Magnavox 533 and now have replaced the second one with the 865. Some of my comments are based on the differences between all of these.

Performs as advertised but not very user friendly.

 on January 11, 2018
By C. Bauman
This DVR isn’t quite as user friendly as I had hoped. My only previous experience with DVR’s were the freebies I got from DirecTV. While this unit does record television show for later viewing and also plays DVD’s (I haven’t used the unit to record anything on to a DVD myself), it is a little time consuming to program.

I love this device

 on January 23, 2016
By Michael C McPheeters
I love this device. Years ago I had a Tivo device, and for the past maybe 10 years or so I’ve had a Directv DVR. This is my favorite by far, electronics device that I’ve purchased. The setup was very easy. Within minutes I was able to figure out how to do most functions, and a day or so I was able to figure out how to use all of the functions and make things easy to use. You can easily dub your DVD’s to the 2TB hard drive, so you can have easy access to your DVD titles. I added a 1 TB external drive giving me 3TB of space now. Which gives me thousands of hours of HD space. Adding the external drive was so simple, I highly recommend if you want more and more storage space. The pausing live tv function works very well, and is simple to use, and it also automatically saves to your HDD Title list. Scheduling recordings is so quick and easy its amazing. I run RCA cables from my directv dvr box, to the HD/DVD recorder, and the upscaling to the TV is amazing. Kind of surprising that it works that well. For years I had to constantly burn DVD’s to make space on my Directv DVR, no more worry of that now, with all of the added DVR space now, and virtually unlimited space that I can add using external drives. Its easy to make folders to separate out your shows. Overall its just so easy to use. I really love this device. I wish I would have had something like this 10 years ago. To me its been well worth the money. I’m glad that I didn’t debate over whether to purchase it or not, it seemed great and has been great so far. Manually putting labels to titles takes a little time, but after you’ve labeled a few titles its pretty easy to use, and you can learn to label a recording pretty quickly after using a few times. An awesome feature is that you can easily divide recordings precisely where you want, which allows you also to delete unwanted portions of recordings, and you can also combine recorded programs as well. That feature comes in handy. Really great product, so glad that I purchased it a few weeks ago.

A Great Device for Recording Broadcast Programs

 on January 15, 2018
By Fabbian G. Dufoe
I bought this to replace an older Magnavox DVR whose tuner was failing. The old DVR was a standard definition device with a single tuner–it allowed recording a single program, much like an old VCR, although it supported watching a previously recorded program while it was recording a new one. The new DVR has two high definition tuners, allowing you to record two different programs simultaneously while watching a previously recorded program. The programs can be recorded in high definition and played through the TV’s HDMI port. I have other devices connected to my HDMI ports so I watch recorded programs via a composite video connection (using the red, white, and yellow RCA connectors). When I get rid of my cable box I’ll switch to the HDMI port.

A "must have" for cord-cutters who want to record their shows to DVD for later viewing

 on January 31, 2017
By MrsP
IF Magnavox would produce a DVR/Blu-Ray Recorder with similar features of the Tivo Roamio, I’d spend up to $400 per unit to buy them. As it is, I WANTED a DVR/Blu-Ray Recorder, but this is the closest thing available in North America.

Pros and Cons of the MDR868H HD DVR/DVD Recorder with Dual tuners

 on September 6, 2016
By Mark Morningstar
Superb quality Hard Disk Drive based recorder. With a 2 Terabyte hard drive it allows over 2,000 hours of standard definition recording, and will record two shows simultaneously with its dual-tuners…in FULL HD. You have the option of separating recordings into File Folders to categorize recordings for easy access. With the ability to add external Hard Drives through the USB port, recordings can be moved (or recorded directly) to external drives (maximum of 8 drives of 6 TB each, plus the 2 TB internal drive gives 50 TB of archiving). The only drawback is each external drive is formatted with a unique ID and CAN NOT be plugged into another MDR868H unit except the one which formatted it. This means, if your unit fails and you buy another to replace it, all your recordings stored on external drives WILL NOT ACCESS! This is stressed greatly by Magnavox statiing the Hard Disk Drive is only a TEMPORARY storage media, and all recordings should be dubbed onto DVD’s. Otherwise a great unit! A+

Magnavox MDR865, 867, 868 HD DVRs… N.A.’s first HD DVRs with DVD burners, line inputs, editing, SD/HD rec modes, and USB 3.0.

 on November 6, 2015
By wajo
These units cannot directly TUNE scrambled or encrypted cable/sat signals. The best they can do in those “locked-down” systems is display and record one channel at a time from the cable/sat company’s decoder box via YWR RCA to one of the Mag’s line inputs (L1 or L2). Boxes with coax output can also send channels, one at a time, to the Mag that way, but then make sure the Mag has Antenna Out set to Old (On) so it doesn’t block the coax signal to the TV.

New is not always better

 on February 12, 2016
By Tunes
As another reviewer said, new is not always better. This is the third one of these DVRs I’ve bought over the past few years. I bought this one based on the networking and external drive features. Also like that the remote can control one without affecting others.