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Amazon Price: $43.99 (as of September 22, 2018 4:41 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Turn your older TV into a smart TV with the Roku Express+, which works for TVs with HDMI or composite cable

Customer Reviews

Good Roku 2 upgrade. You lose the headphone option, though.

 on August 3, 2017
By Ken Owens
This is Roku’s follow-up box to the Roku 2. I bought it for two reasons:

Powerful punch, and provides new life to older TVs without HDMI

 on August 28, 2017
By TheTallGreenOgre
I have owned a fair share of Roku devices over the years, and has technology has evolved, and streaming technologies have changed for the better, in most cases, I leaped on the Roku Express+ after having a Roku Express.

Easy to set up and start streaming in 10 minutes …

 on December 25, 2016
By John in tennessee
Got this as a gift for my daughter who has a tv that has older audio/video hookups. Easy to set up and start streaming in 10 minutes or so. Good price on amazon.

NO Mirroring!

 on November 30, 2017
By Kurbsyde
Beware if you plan on mirroring, that the model I received from Amazon was the older model without the option and no system update available. The one in the pictures on the left has screen mirroring, the one on the right does not. The packaging is slightly different, but BOTH say 2017 on the bottom. Since I don’t mirror not a big deal, but as some do, beware you may have to return this item. Other than that, I love this device.

Good product for older TV.

 on February 15, 2017
By Awesome
Very easily hooked up to a Sony 27inch CRT TV. Setup was easy. Picture came thru clear and sharp(for a CRT TV). Now I can watch youtube, AmazonPrime Video and others on my old TV.

Roku Express+ = Excellent.

 on March 6, 2017
By E. Hinrichsen II
Excellent, and only, choice if you still have some legacy TV’s around without HDMI. Has A/V port and HDMI port and is tiny. There is no ethernet connection so you need to have WiFi available to attach this to your network. Remote is IR, not WiFi Direct so this needs to be line of sight to the remote. On the plus side that means you can use any IR enabled universal remote with this. It also passes full HD and Dolby. The Roku line is not a content seller so it has no closed eco-system like Apple or Chromecast that it’s trying to rope you into – the vast, vast majority of apps are third party. I’ve been using Roku’s for years, they’re great little boxes for streaming media from apps or (using a Roku or 3rd party app) from your own library. Like all devices of this nature including Smart TV’s the 3rd party apps range from brilliant to absolute junk – not Roku’s fault. You choose them, you load them. I highly recommend Roku in general and the Express+ in particular if you need A/V connectability.

Two Roku units, one TV and a DVR….record one stream, watch another

 on January 14, 2017
By Amazon Customer
The product works great and I added it as a second unit in the main entertainment centre in the house. The one thing I learned is two remotes, two units, both change channels regardless of which remote. I needed to blind the new express + so that I could use it as the record unit into the DVR and leave my Roku 2 as the main viewing unit. End result, I can record one stream while watching another and now I have the ability to enjoy live broadcasts that are not available on conventional streaming services as and when I want to.

Great for travel too!

 on April 12, 2017
By Bruce Hoyt
I have a smart tv with all the toys at home but bought this for travel. Now using it in the mountains on a dumb basic HD tv with great results. Wifi here is pretty good and I have been able to get netflix and amazon prime shows with no issues. I like the fact I only had to put all the passwords in once and did that before I left. I do wish DirectTV would have their own app so I could have skipped putting my DTV user id and password in about 40 times, once for each channel.

Have tv anywhere that you have internet. Works on old televisions.

 on March 27, 2018
By ambroseanna
My spouse and I really enjoy this Roku! Although I wasn’t at all familiar with a “ROKU” , no problem setting it up. This wouldn’t be good for someone who doesn’t know anything at all about getting online, since it’s necessary to use the computer to add channels: There are many free channels that can be added from the Roku site. We have Comcast cable, I downloaded the Xfinity streaming app to the Roku, it’s like having another set top cable box, watch everything live. If we had unlimited internet I would use the Roku more often; definitely recommend checking with your internet service provider to find out how much data that you have in your plan. Personally, I would rather do away with cable and just get unlimited internet to use Roku all of the time.