SAMSUNG-Compatible 3ACTIVE 3D Glasses. Rechargeable. TWIN-PACK

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3ACTIVE® 3D Glasses for Samsung® Bluetooth 3D TVs

Includes TWO Samsung-compatible 3D Glasses, Protective Cases, Cleaning Cloths and USB Charging Cables. Compatible with all Samsung Bluetooth 3D TVs.

3ACTIVE® 3D Glasses are compatible with Samsung 3D TVs that use Bluetooth technology.

Compatible with all JS and JU Series.
Example Model Number: Samsung UN65JS9000

Compatible with all H Series.
Example Model Number: Samsung UN55H8000

Compatible with all F Series.
Example Model Number: Samsung UN55F8000

Compatible with all E and ES Series.
Example Model Number: Samsung UN55E8000

Compatible with all D Series.
Example Model Number: Samsung UN55D8000

****NOT COMPATIBLE with 2010 and prior Samsung 3D TVs that use infrared (IR) technology.

Customer Reviews

BIG Improvement Over Samsung Issued Glasses

 on October 19, 2015
By Deep Thought
I wanted a pair of quality 3D glasses to with a new 75″ inch Samsung T.V. The Samsung glasses that were included felt cheap, the lenses were kind of smallish and I definitely did not want to deal with replacing those small coin batteries. These fill all of my needs. I was skeptical to order them since I was not familiar with the manufacturer and they are not exactly cheap. I read the reviews and decided to take a shot (I also had Amazon’s great return policy backing me up). I am quite happy with these.

Better than Samsung’s glasses

 on December 12, 2016
By Amazon Customer
These are outright better than Samsung’s own 3D glasses. We bought these after both pair of Samsung glasses that came with our TV had to have their battery cases glued shut in order to stay shut and hold the battery in place.

Terrific!! — and SO MUCH better than Samsung’s own!

 on May 17, 2017
By Brian Madsen
Don’t listen to Samsung when they say you can only use their glasses with their TVs. I made that mistake. But I’ve learned better. The five-star reviews for these glasses are right: these are MUCH MUCH better than Samsung’s stock glasses — by a mile and a half.

Good 3D rechargeable active shutter glasses.

 on December 28, 2015
By Frank Mezo
Bought these because I didn’t like the way that light came in from the sides of the Samsung glasses. These are really better as they correct that problem and they are also larger lenses so I am not seeing the frame as I was with the Samsung which uses a smaller lens. The only possible negative is that they may possibly be a little darker than the Samsung glasses, but not much if at all. They paired just fine with my Samsung JS9000 TV. Also the fact that they fold up makes them a lot easier to store than the Samsung glasses which don’t fold up. If you are researching these glasses to decide what TV you want to buy because 3D is important to you and a major deciding factor, buy the LG. LGs passive system is so superior to Everyone else’s Active system. The passive glasses are cheap and comfortable and I can watch Passive 3D for hours and after one movie of active 3D I have a headache.

Amazing 3D glasses

 on May 26, 2018
By C. A. Boswell
These are so much better than the flimsy ones that came with my Samsung 55″ 3D TV, which were so cheap that the coin batteries kept falling out and had to be secured with scotch tape. These take a little over an hour to fully charge (which is indicated by disappearance of a red LED light) and last a long time (instructions say ~ 50 hours). The charging cable (came with one for each pair of glasses) plug into a standard USB outlet. The glasses fit well, as good as high end sunglasses, and the presence of plastic on the left/right sides (to block peripheral light pollution) really enhance the 3D experience. Best of all, there are no coin batteries to mess with! The case is very nice (not cheap at all) and keeps everything together when not in use – and prevents a cluttered look. The ONLY possible negative that I can think of would be, eventually, the internal rechargeable battery will probably wear out, and there is no obvious way to remove/replace them (nor any mention of this in the product manual). However, I expect that my 3D TV might end up wearing out before this happens 🙂 Instructions do say that charging once a month will help extend battery lifetime.

Expensive but well worth the money! These enhance your 3D experience!!

 on September 16, 2014
By M. Britton
These glasses blow away the ones Samsung packs with the TV!! Just watched FROZEN in 3D and I am convinced these glasses add punch to the 3D effects. I have watched the 3D blu ray many times with the old 3D glasses and decided to try the new ones out and Wow! what a difference!! I don’t know if its because more light is blocked out from the sides or the lenses (I am thinking 3D glasses are all the same visually) but the picture had more depth in the 3D presentation than before. I realize these are expensive but I feel that it is money well spent since I love to watch 3D movies on my Samsung 4K UHD TV from blu rays to Netflix. I love the idea they are rechargeable and one charge lasts up to 30 hours (so they say. Plus they say to charge them at least once every month)! The pair of 3D glasses are shaped to fit perfectly (and comfortably) are prescription glasses. They are a little heavier than the cheaper ones but you forget about that once you get lost in the visuals before your eyes while wearing them. They come with a carrying case for both pair and cleaning clothes. It comes with all you need to charge these using a wall outlet or your USB port on your TV. They automatically shut off when no activity is detected to save on battery use. So no more fiddling with batteries and trying to find one that works when you have the convenience of recharging the ones you have. A very nice purchase! Very satisfied!!

No More Batteries!

 on April 10, 2018
By Rose
Finally, rechargeable 3D glasses. These are awesome. They work great and look way more stylish than those battery powered glasses. I am so happy I don’t have to deal with those batteries anymore. Each battery would only last about two to three movies, but these rechargeable glasses last way longer. Highly recommend these!


 on March 6, 2014
By Lwos
I Love these 3D glasses. They are such an improvement over the standard Samsung’s that come with the Smart TV’s. They fit nicely over my metal framed eye glass and stay put. The construction of these glasses isn’t flimsy or cheap like the Samsung’s. Had a question and called the Mfg. It was late in the day, but was able to leave a message. The next day “Steve” returned my call. Very professional, answered my questions and was extremely helpful. It’s REFRESHING in this day and age to speak with a knowledgeable person, AND FROM THE U.S.A. TOO! Even though the glasses arrived in a “charged” condition, I plugged them into my wall socket for around an hour until the “RED LED” light went out indicating they were at a full charge.

Paired with Samsung 85" TV the picture is AMAZING!!!!

 on August 16, 2016
By cthomp4712
We bought these glasses to use with our new Samsung UN85JU7100 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV. They paired in just a few seconds following the easy to understand instructions. The wrap-around style blocks out a lot more light than other, cheaper styles and they are comfortable to wear. The case is sturdy and offers great protection for the glasses with room for the usb charger and cleaning cloths. These glasses are high quality and provide an outstanding viewer experience. Highly recommend!!!

Overall I am very happy. Works great with my Samsung JS8500 65

 on December 3, 2015
By Chris Rios
Overall I am very happy. Works great with my Samsung JS8500 65. I like how the sides blocking out the light, came with a cleaning cloth for each pair and a charger for each. The led system on the glasses isn’t intuitive, and I think I threw away the instructions.