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The Directv 18 inch Satellite dish RV tripod kit from Installer Oasis is the perfect cost effective solution for taking your Directv satellite service with you on the road. Kit is compatible with most Directv receiver (not H25,HR34,HR44,C41) and will receive the standard definition programming that Directv offers (no HD). The benefit of this kit is the ease of pointing. This device is easy to use and if you don't need HDTV on the road, this is great (and cheaper) solution! The kit comes with everything you need to get your satellite TV service on the road. All you need is your satellite receiver, your TV, and 120V power and you'll be ready to watch TV.

Customer Reviews

Works great, but handy tips help.

 on August 19, 2013
By Tina
For Satellite Oasis’ part, I have no complaints. The kit arrived on time, and in perfect condition. I had read a lot of the reviews (some great, some quite disparaging). I went ahead & ordered this point-it-yourself dish as I’m fairly electronics savvy and didn’t want to spend the money for an automatic signal acquisition device (probably more prone to theft as well). I waited to write this review in hopes that I’d have tips to make it easier for other first time users. Always set it up at home for the first time and DirecTv will assist you if needed. I actually had one of their contractors come out & help me the first time and he gave me a couple of hints. I do think having the dish level is important, though I didn’t specifically ask the contractor about it. Using the “Setup” feature in your receiver, put in the zip code where you are then go to the “Point Dish” screen. It gives you the Azimuth & elevation readings you need to point the dish & acquire signal. That screen also indicates the transponder number. Always use 18 or 28. They are the strongest and will pull in the signal faster/better. The signal finder in the kit DOES work. Apparently there are 4 satellites that it will pick up signal from but only one is DirecTv’s (someone elses seems to have a stronger signal and is somewhat more to the west of DTV’s – my TV screen is quick to say “wrong satllite”). I turn up the TV volume and listen for the beeping signal to go to a solid signal and you can hear the signal changes from the signal finder as well. It certainly helps if you have someone watching your TV screen to alert you as to the percentage of signal strength as you’re adjusting the dish. Don’t take the elevation marks on the side of the dish to the bank. Mine are just slightly different from one side to the other, so even if I think I’m on 31 (for example), I will play with it up & down if the signal isn’t coming in. Honestly, it almost seems like the elevation is more important than azimuth when trying to put the final touches on your signal acquisition. If you’re RV’g make sure your receiver’s signal has been refreshed (if need be) before you get to an area where you have no cell service (to call DTV) or internet (you can do it yourself online). Last note: we’re using this with a camper, so space is limited. We bought a regular camera tripod with telescoping legs. My husband made a wood sleeve that fits in the pipe fitting of the dish & fits over the mounting peg of the tripod. I have a small square center-bubble level I use on the top of the wooden sleeve and the tripod legs are easily adjusted. We use a bungee from the center tripod mounting to a weight below (our boat trailer hitch works great for this) to keep the dish/tripod in place. Having run into this just today, I’m adding this note: be very cognizant of trees or other obticles that could be in the way of your signal. I was having trouble obtaining signal until I moved the dish to the other side of our camper, which improved the angle through a couple of trees.

Great product

 on September 17, 2013
By texasron87
I camp for a month at a time at Crystal Beach Texas . The RV park has no cable . I was getting tired of missing my shows so after reading the reviews I bought one of these dishes. Geeze did it ship fast , within a few days I had it. I started putting it together and was through in just a few minutes. Actually I sat the dish up in my back yard , and put the tv from the rv that was in storage , on the back deck. It took me about a half an hour to realize that I did not have the tv on channel 3 . After putting the tv on the right channel for set up , I was cooking . Just followed the directions that came with the product and it didnt take long I was watching dish network. I’m glad that I did a pre test instead of waiting until my next trip in October 2013 . I am so pleased with this product that I’m gonna tell all my camping buddy’s about it. I am going to drill some holes and put a couple of wing nuts so I can fold up the lnb into the dish itself to make it handier to store. I saw this on a video and thought ” what a great idea” . I will put a piece of foam over the Lnb so it doesnt get broke. The compass and the satellite finder work great. You might say ” I’m one happy camper”. I also think i’m going to add a piece of plywood and set this on top of the RV for a month with some bungees to hold it down, that way it will be out of the way of the mowing crew.Just remember guys that you need dish network before you buy the dish. I already had an extra reciever . Thanks dish ,and thanks oasis , and last thanks Amazon for making it so easy,,, great job!

Very pleased with our Satellite Dish

 on February 4, 2015
By Gary A. Hage
For a “Standard Definition” receiver, I have been quite please with the quality of the picture on our 42″ HD Flat screen TV. Plus, we are feeding the satellite single through our “SD” receiver, and still a great pic! Setup was extremely easy and the satellite finder that’s included made pinpointing the satellite a breeze, and it was dead on! Once the dish was assembled and positioned outside the RV, I found the satellite in the sky within two minutes and was done tuning the dish! We’ve had very high winds since anchoring the dish into the ground only with the three spikes included in the package, and have had no issues with it blowing over. I’ve also been amazed at how well it has held the signal in heavily overcast skies and rain, long after the resort’s (dish fed) cable system has failed.

Directv satellite tripod kit

 on December 1, 2014
By Steve Roberts
I bought this kit. It had what I needed to make the Directv installation at my RV. I recommend this product if you want to re-install your Directv in a portable circumstance. I did need to purchase additional couplings as the kit only came with 10. There are plenty of youtube tutorials online for any weak spots in the instruction booklet, if you need them. Use some sandbags to make the tripod more stable if you are not going to bolt it down. Works great. It is standard definition. I do recommend for anyone wanting to use existing receivers.

Pleasantly Surprised

 on July 11, 2013
By Barbie E
To be honest, I was skeptical when my husband wanted to purchase this for our RV; I thought that there was no possible way we would get it to work, but we did and it was actually quite easy once we figured a few things out. The kit did come with instructions, that for the most part were detailed enough to get the job done. Prior to set up, we did do a little research online and watched a few YouTube videos to better prepare ourselves for the task. Getting the satellite compass location in advance was very helpful as that part of the instructions were vague; we ended up being pretty dead on even prior to any adjustments. What we did find though was that the instructions for navigating the receiver were not really accurate (might depend on what model you are using). We had to play around with the menu a bit on our own to find the correct set up sections, but once we found it, within 20 minutes, we had TV. Another glitch that we ran into was that we first connected the coaxial cable from the satellite into our antennae port on the RV – we couldn’t get the receiver to talk to the satellite. Once we connected the coaxial cable directly to the receiver, everything started communicating and the rest was pretty simple. And one last note – you do have to carefully select your satellite location or it won’t work – this includes any trees, vehicles, people etc. Overall, we are extremely pleased with our purchase.

There are no disadvantages to this dish, and it’s easy to use.

 on June 13, 2018
By Les V.
Everything you need to be watching your DirecTV while away from your house. Wish they had a quick connect for the dish and arm. I always collapse the entire thing so I can pack it back into the box it came in to avoid damage.

Must follow the setup directions. Standard Definition Dish works well with Direct TV D12 box.

 on November 13, 2013
By Raymond S. Surprenant
Works great with a Direct TV D12 cable box. This is NOT a high definition dish, so just be warned. It took me quite some time to get this dish to align. Read the instructions and follow them exactly. The dish MUST be perfectly level before you start your adjustment. If the dish is not level, you do not stand a chance. Make sure you buy a small torpedo level to level the tripod pole that holds the dish. Then you can make your adjustments from that start point. A compass app on your phone will really help with the positioning. The military compass that comes with the kit sucks. If there are any trees in the line of site it will also not work and drive you mad. Practice at home before you go out in your RV. Also, plug the 50ft RG6 cable from the dish directly into the cable box and get it to work first. Not all RV’s are wired with RG6 and the dish will not work with the RV’s prewired cable. Get the dish working first, then plug the cable in outside of your RV and see if the channel comes back on. If not, you will need to rewire the trailer. My RV has one for cable and one called “SAT PREP”. “SAT PREP” is the one you want for this dish. Connect the cable box to your TV with white/red/yellow RCA plugs instead of the cable out from the box.

Works Great in Open Sky

 on May 14, 2015
By Ben Henry
Once I figured out how to use the signal strength meter, this set worked well. Be aware that trees can block the signal. You must also be aware of where your target satellite is located. There are some smart phone aps that can help with this. The instructions weren’t much use, so if you are the type of person that absolutely needs instructions….well….you may have trouble. Basically one sets up the dish on the tripod, levels it and loosens the screws so it can be pointed. There is a signal strength meter that hooks up at the antenna between a short cable and the long one that goes to your receiver – inputs are labeled. Once your box is on and the meter is attached, you for example point it south for Direct TV while listening to the meter. You may have to adjust a little knob on it. Anyway, the higher it squeals, the better the signal. Once you have the best signal, you remove the meter and hook the cables together with a supplied adaptor. If you don’t have trees, mountains, buildings or much in the way, you can go and watch TV. The tilt for example on DTV is only about 47°, and that’s pretty low. Various providers have websites with pointing instructions, so get those before your trip. The thing has spikes to hold it down if it is windy. All in all, I was pretty satisfied, but so far camping two times, I couldn’t get a signal because stuff was in the way, but I can get one at home while testing it in clear skies there. It’s good for a person who is handy at figuring things out and probably not so good for someone who needs every detail in instructions.