TERK Amplified AM/FM Stereo Indoor Antenna

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Amazon Price: $20.33 $20.33 (as of September 22, 2018 11:15 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Tower is a high-performance AM/FM indoor antenna that will help you receive more of your favorite hard-to-get AM/FM stations by greatly improving short and long-range reception. Its classic and recognizable design is simple yet elegant and is made with quality materials. Designed to be technologically superior, it virtually eliminates noise while still being easy to connect with any radio, receiver or tuner.

Customer Reviews

… ago at a garage sale and it still works perfect. Bought another for my office Home Theater and …

 on November 14, 2017
By Starbanker
I found one these 30 years ago at a garage sale and it still works perfect. Bought another for my office Home Theater and it works great. My walls all plaster and metal lath. You can’t even get TV signals through them but my AM/FM is strong.

… was supplied with my receiver in hopes of getting better FM reception

 on May 20, 2017
By John
I used this to replace the standard wire antenna that was supplied with my receiver in hopes of getting better FM reception. My favorite local broadcast comes in more clear now than ever before. I think that following the instructions for setup is key to getting the most out of this product.

This product works great! I now get my favorite radio stations when before buying this I got none.

 on May 16, 2017
By Amazon Customer
I have a stereo amp setup in my upstairs office/music room that I use to listen to CD’s. However, I was not able to tune in any AM or FM stations, even though I had the standard type wire antenna connected, and had the amp & antenna located right next to a window at the front of my home. I thought I would try this TERK indoor antenna to see if I could at least get some reception. I am pleased to report that I now get both AM & FM stations, even with the power supply turned off via the switched AC outlet I plugged it into. With the power supply on and the dial turned up, I get even more radio stations. Well worth the $24 investment!

A must have antenna for clear reception.

 on June 5, 2018
By Connie G
This is my second TERK antenna I’ve bought. The first one I use at home to make my radio signals come in crystal clear. These work very good, but obviously won’t amplify any signal that’s just not there. So you might not get every station, but the ones on your fringe areas should come in nice and clear with this antenna. The second one I bought I use at work. I work in an all metal industrial building. Even the closest local stations fade in and out, or at times will not even come in, and at best, most of the time had tons of static. I connected this antenna, and even tough I don’t get a bunch of new channels, the local channels are now crystal clear. These antennas are very easy to connect. It comes with an adapter to connect to different stereo receiver antenna types. It also works to boost AM radio channels. I highly recommend this antenna if your signal strength is less than perfect.

Very nice antenna (and it looks cool too

 on December 29, 2016
By Martin D. Maher
I used to get only 2 stations on my FM tuner. Now I get at least a dozen. And the antenna is omnidirectional. The signal boast is adjustable and it really works. The signal strength indicator on my FM tuner increases when the antenna boast is increased. Very nice antenna (and it looks cool too!)

Improves reception as advertised

 on June 29, 2016
By Kindle Customer
We could not receive all our local stations using only the amplifier antenna. Our AV guy (who set up our surround sound system) suggested that I buy an AM/FM amplified antenna. After looking at several available on Amazon, I chose the TERK. It was easy to setup and works perfectly, even though I have it behind the case that holds all of our AV equipment. We’re able to receive all the local stations we could not receive without the amplified antenna.

Good choice for suburban installation

 on July 15, 2015
By Gabriel Olochwoszcz
This antenna is destined for a handicapped family member who lives outside of Philadelphia and I’m confident that he’ll be satisfied with the coverage it provides. In my limited FM testing in Central New Jersey (~35 mi straight line from NYC), this antenna worked decidedly better than the Terk AM/FM+. Signal strength and clarity of FM stereo was improved as was the ability to receive HD Radio broadcasts (Full disclosure: I am an engineer for iBiquity Digital and work on HD Radio receivers). I also tested this antenna with the amplifier power disconnected and the performance suffered noticeably. The 2x cost of the Tower vs the AM/FM+ is definitely worth it for a user looking to improve performance from a stationary indoor installation in an area with decent coverage.