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Toshiba's HD-A20 is a great choice for people ready to step up to full 1080p playback in a high definition player without a huge price tag. Offering playback of HD DVD discs with outputs of 720p, 1080i , and full 1080p as well as upconversion of regular DVDs to 1080p through HDMI this is the first high defintion player available to offer a full HD experinece at a price this low. Audio output supports 5.1 channels of surround sound in Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD formats, as well as legacy formats along with legacy formats including Dolby Digital and DTS.

Besides playback of HD DVDs and regular DVD discs, Toshiba's HD-A20 also supports playback of DVD-Rs, DVD-RWs, CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. Playback of MP3 and WMA audio files is not supported.

The HD-A20 offers a host of connections in the jack pack including: composite Video S-Video Component Video HDMI 2 Channel Analogue Audio output Digital Optical Audio Out Ethernet (10/100BASE) 2 Extension Terminals

Customer Reviews

Yes, We KNOW Blu-Ray won! However….!

 on June 30, 2008
By C. Allison
Enough of the warnings & threats about HD-DVD being “dead technology”! We KNOW already! That said, I decided to go ahead & purchase this player because, frankly, since Blu-Ray has been crowned King of All Things HD du jour, there’s zero incentive for Sony and its minions to make BD players & discs AFFORDABLE! Moreover, there are still a number movies offered ONLY in HD-DVD….GOOD movies (The Matrix Trilogy most notably)! Lastly, the private seller i bought mine from sent a DOZEN HD-DVD discs for free…deal was too good to pass up.

Always Better Than Blu Ray

 on August 27, 2007
By Gerald Schoenburg
When Hd-Dvd came out along with Blu Ray, I went with Hd-DVD. The HD-DVD players in my opinion were superior to blu ray. I acquired about 60 HD-DVD movies plus a second player for downstairs. We’re talking about many years ago now.

1080P via HDMI is nice, but amazon is shipping buggy f/w 1.0

 on September 23, 2007
The A20 did everything I wanted in a HD-DVD player, and at a reasonable price. I know everyone is debating the VHS/BluRay thing, and I finally had to decide how much longer I was going to do without a Hi-Def DVD player. Well, I bet on VHS and won, and this time I’m betting on HD-DVD, we’ll see who wins later on. With the announcements of all the studios flocking to HD-DVD and the low entry price for 1080i HD-DVD around 200 bucks, it makes sense that blu-ray is headed down the betamax path.

All you need for HD-DVD, with caveats

 on September 16, 2007
By Giant Panda
I recently got a Panasonic 1080p projector with a 100″ screen. The picture from a regular progressive scan DVD player was hard on the eyes so I looked into High-definition format players. Initially I was interested in Blu-Ray since it has more of my kind of movies. After much research, decided to forgo Blu-ray for now since the format is not yet settled and the competition is likely to quickly drive the price down. Instead of shelling $500- for a Blu-Ray, I can get HD capability for $300 with the Toshiba HD-A20 and early next year, I expect I can buy a Blu-ray for about $200-. Note also that most movies we’re watching these days are still on standard DVDs, so a major criteria for any player is ability to play standard DVDs well. We also watch a lot of foreign movies so subtitle quality is important.

Toshiba HD-A20 comes through!

 on September 18, 2007
By Gregory J. Ciallella
I recently purchased the A20 through Amazon. Even though I took the super savings shipping, it arrived in 3 days. The packaging was done well, and inside was heavy brown paper for additional safety.

If you want decent HD DVD now

 on September 28, 2007
By J. Niemann
If you want decent HD DVD now then look at this unit. I must say the image quality is exceptional. With one exception, even though my new LCD is capable of 1080P reproduction the quality of 1080p through this unit is inferior to the 1080i setting. Even with the latest firmware update which now allows for 24fps 1080p. I have to believe that this is a decoding issue with the machine and that Toshiba will eventually resolve it. With that said you can save a hundred bucks by buying the A2 model that only resolves to 1080i. I heard complaints that the firmware upgrade took forever. On my cable modem it was downloaded and installed in about 7 minutes. The time lag between inserting a DVD and playing is about 15 seconds. And the complaint made about the unit not returning to a previous point on the disc after stopping is not true. I tried it a dozen time and it always returned to the previous point. The included remote is rudimentary, but how many of us don’t have a universal remote anyway. The upconversion from regular DVD to 1080i is spectacular, the quality of the picture is astounding after watching on a regular DVD player. Just the upconversion quality is worth the price if you have an extensive DVD collection. Having looked at Blue Ray your only choice for inexpensive HD DVD is one of the Toshiba units. I know Sony is banking on blueray, but the data storage of blueray vs. hddvd does not add up to the almost 3X the money for blueray players. I think Blueray is the next Sony Beta flop in the market place. The Toshiba units also use blue lasers so whats the difference? If you can’t wait for the future offerings in the market, buy this now you won’t regret it.

flawless so far

 on October 7, 2007
By Alex
With all of the new technology and bad reviews on the latest home theatre stuff I thought I was gonna have tons of headaches when I put my setup together. I hooked this player up to a 52″ Sharp Aquos and sat back in awe as the picture blew me away. The first movie I watched in HD format was Hot Fuzz…it’s the only movie I’ve seen in HD so far…But it was incredible. The player was smooth, quiet, and worked without a hitch.

Great Player

 on July 10, 2007
By Mauiboy2000
The unit was a simple swap out of my old up converting player for standard DVDs to this one. I did the firmware upgrade via a download to my computer and burned to a CD and dropped into the unit to upgrade; the process was completed in about 25 minutes. It was pretty simple… “Even a Caveman can do it…” I was really impressed how well this player displays in 1080p format for both HD DVD and standard DVD. I think Blu-Ray is great technology too. But I selected HD DVD because of the price; I could not convince myself to swallow the larger price tag for a Blu-Ray player at this time. However, I am NOT disappointed on the output visually and audio-wise with this unit. The picture is amazing and the sound is phenomenal! I watched a few HD DVDs on this but have not seen any strange artifacts associated with this player; the video is clean and no discernible flaws. The unit does a stupendous job on up converting standard DVDs, too. All in all, a great player for a reasonable price – less than $340. It’s not a top of the line product, but I am very happy with its performance. I think this will hold me for a year or two until the cost drops a bit more on the units with more internal bells and whistles out there.

HD-A20 HD DVD Player Delivers the Goods

 on May 3, 2007
By Brian Wachter
I’ve now put about 25 movies through this thing and I’m very pleased with the quality of the picture it generates, both for HD DVD and standard DVD.

As good as I expected

 on July 25, 2007
By NM in SoCal
I read all the reviews before buying this player. In fact, I even considered going Blu-Ray, but nothing short of the Playstation 3 seems to perform up to snuff – and I’m not a gamer, so I choose to go the slightly cheaper route of HD DVD. I mainly took the plunge into HD DVD because I don’t buy movies, and will not have to rebuild my library if it happens that Blu-Ray wins the format war.