Toshiba HD-XA2 1080p HD-DVD Player

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Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD Player

Customer Reviews


 on December 14, 2007
By Crimes&Misdemeanors
I must admit, I was skeptical of this player’s dvd upconversion. I read a guys review about the HD-A35 being a better player and almost bought that one until I read some disturbing things about the frame rate. That being said, a lot people won’t notice the the issue and it is still a solid player. Still, I’m quite the videophile and demand only the best.

The best picture I have ever seen.

 on March 28, 2007
By S. Klemish
I bought this a few weeks ago and have been putting it through its paces.

Great product, Better Buy

 on April 12, 2007
By James
I just bought this unit (HD-XA2). And can honestly say its the best of the formats. I just got out of a 4 month NIGHTMARE with my Samsung Blu-Ray player, which I originally thought was the best format. After months of fighting with Samsung they finally refunded my money for the player. With it, I purchased the HD-XA2. Some of the things I had heard that people didn’t like was the slow loading times. My HD-XA2 loads faster than the Samsung. Audio skipping or synch issues. I have watched 8 movies on it and have had NO audio issues.

Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD Player

 on May 6, 2007
By Anthony Scarpitti
I’ve had this player for about two months now and am extremely happy with the performance and picture quality this unit puts out. I not only like the HD picture, but it does a great job on my regular dvd’s. The special chip it uses for regular dvd’s allows a number of settings to optimize picture quality from mosquito noise to block noise reduction. I watch in 1080p upscaling through hdmi to my 65 inch mitsubishi and the picture is great. The company supports the unit through firmware updates to keep it current to evolving standards, so I feel relatively safe that the unit will have some longevity.

Exhiliratingly confused…

 on July 20, 2007
By Steve Bodiford
There are many reviewers who have preceded me as to the wonderful qualities of this tool. I am not here to dispel those comments. However, there are two areas I think anyone who purchases the Toshiba unit should be ready for….

Best DVD player and great HD-DVD Player

 on August 21, 2007
First why is it a great DVD player. Well the upconversion chip that is built into this unit is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I have this unit hooked up to a sony KDL-46XBR2 TV which is a native 1080P and the upconversion is amazing. Blacks are pretty good and you don’t see the normal artifacting that most upconverters show. My Foroujda was great, this is better.

Finally upgraded firmware 2.5 have disc and info

 on September 15, 2007
By M. Anderson
I’m not a complainer and my patience is usually long lived, but I have to admit it was beginning to run a little short with this player. I don’t feel I have a defective unit at all and it plays just fine. There are numerous reviews here giving all it’s good points and bad, so I won’t get into that. My experience with Toshiba’s customer support has been rather helpful with little waiting for answers.

Requiem for one of the best consumer products of 2007

 on February 19, 2008
By Terry D. Peterson
Toshiba just announced today that it’s pulling the plug on HD-DVD. This is very disappointing, primarily because Toshiba did such a great job on the HD-XA2. I have had mine for about six months. HD-DVD program content is stunning when played on our Optoma HD-80 1080P front projector on an eight foot wide screen. But as almost everyone who has had the pleasure to use one of these units has reported, it is its ability to upscale SD DVD that is so amazing. Even at 8 feet wide, SD DVDs look great (unless they’ve been mastered badly.) I also have a Samsung BD-P1200 Blu Ray player. HD images look good on it, but just not quite as good as on HD DVD. SD DVDs don’t look nearly as good on the Samsung even though it also uses the Reon processor. Toshiba has also been great to send updates on a regular basis, via a CD in the mail. I continue to get updates on the HD-XA2 as well as my HD-XA1 which I still use with a smaller screen. Compare and contrast Toshiba’s excellent customer service with Samsung’s repeated delays in issuing updates to fix JAVA problems with its units

The Best DVD Player + Excellent HD Player

 on January 14, 2008
By Michigan Laker
I love this player.

Wow, I’m Blown Away

 on July 18, 2007
By mrspeakers
OK, this player rocks, even for regular DVDs. Things I love: