TV Antenna – Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna 150 Mile Motorized 360 Degree Rotation, OTA Amplified HD TV Antenna for 2 TVs Support – UHF/VHF/4K/1080P Channels Wireless Remote Control – 33FT Coax Cable

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Vansky Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna 150 Miles Range with Motorized 360 Degree Rotation -UHF/VHF/FM Radio with Wireless Remote control

Customer Reviews

Money well spent for the antenna — the supplied coax cable? not so much

 on September 30, 2017
By Donna Armstrong
0 channels before antenna, 18 channels afterwards. Get all the local channels (very CLEARLY) in this area WITHOUT having to pay monthly fees for channel packages I will never watch anyways. The only downside I can think of was the cheap coax cable — the coax cable end connector did not spin freely AT ALL . . . it was very hard to twist onto the antenna connection. So after removing it and reinstalling 2 or 3 times (trying to find the best location to install) the wire tip broke off! Lucky for me … I am able to purchase coax wire and connectors (much better quality, I might add) for CHEAP where I work and make my own cable. Settled on installing in the attic….ran cable to basement where I used a 3-way splitter to route to the other TV’s in the house. Very seldom do I need to adjust the position of the antenna . . . and it is safe from lightning strike as well.

129 OTA channels!

 on September 2, 2017
By Zulma
Is getting 129 over the air channels from a suburb of Houston worth a five star rating? I didn’t even know there was so many channels OTA. Why would I even need to rotate it ? I guess because it looks cool to do it via remote. My only concern is the fact that the housing on the antenna is plastic and I wonder what heavy rain will do to the inside because it doesn’t seem totally sealed. I had to buy a stand separate but who cares this thing is awesome . Bye Bye Xfinity!

Works Great, Very Sharp Display

 on November 15, 2017
By Houndhelper
Best $35 I ever spent was on this antenna. I pick up about 50 stations, all the local broadcasts plus several stations that I enjoy. Decades, Me TV, Escape, Ion, Heroes and Icons, plus a few more. Between this antenna and Amazon’s firestick, I don’t miss having cable at all. I also ditched my home phone service and I am using a Magicjack Go now. Since I only require internet service now my bill went from $182 to $70 a month. I wish I would have made the switch years ago.

I love it – thanks Vansky and Amazon!

 on August 7, 2017
By Craftergalore
For several years I’ve been getting the high-def versions of my local channels, TBS, WGN, ION, Discovery, the Weather Channel, and several other channels, plus low-def ESPNU and SEC Network and others. Then Time Warner Cable bought our cable provider, immediately jacked up our broadband charge by $15+ per month, and the quality of the local channels started to suffer. They’ve renamed themselves as Spectrum and recently scrambled all channels. This antenna just arrived this evening, and it took me maybe 15 minutes to put it together. Then I immediately connected it to the tuner on my computer (where I record shows) and my LG smart TV. The antenna is sitting on the edge of my chair, and my computer and TV now have stunning high-def channels back again. I wish I’d bought this a year ago. At some point I suppose I’ll stick it up on the old DirecTV pole, but I’m not in the mood to climb on the roof yet since I have what I was looking for. With points and the 20% discount, it cost me $9.35. Thanks, Vansky and Amazon!

Excellent reception, great price, easy install

 on November 6, 2017
By MarcieJ
Excellent product. Very affordable. I purchased this one to replace the same unit that the Comcast installers shorted out when installing my internet. I get 22 channels using this antenna mounted on the roof. Most are HD. I used the existing tube bracket that was on the roof to mount it and split the signal using a standard splitter. One fitting on the back of the control box (in my case) was not used due to the way my house is wired. With a little creativity it will give years of service. The last antenna and control box was approx 4 years old and still functioning fine before it was ruined. The antenna itself is aluminum and plastic and does not seem sturdy upon first inspection, but it had been through two hurricanes and many severe storms without breakage. I inserted the body of the motor mounting bracket inside of the steel pole and used self tapping screws to secure it. The mounting knobs/screws that came with it looked like they would be fine but the diameter of my mount pole was too large.

Worked great! only one flaw

 on April 25, 2018
By John H
I live in a rural area and the only options I have is satellite or over the air TV. When I moved in my house it had already had a satellite dish on the roof with coax leading up to it. I climbed on the roof and took the dish down and put this up, the coax from the roof to a splitter is about 50., I then hooked up an additional 100′ of coax from the splitter to power unit and I was happy to see I could still power it up and rotate the antenna. So I can confirm that you can power up the antenna with 150′ of coax.

The antenna that really works!

 on August 2, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Awesome antenna. First had a flat panel from big lots that was pretty good, than got a GE 60 mile antenna which I thought was great. Got 44 channels but had to adjust sometimes. With this antenna I got 101 channels and only a few channels have digital break up and you don’t have to move it. Live in DC suburb and get all the DC and Baltimore stations. Supplied cable would not screw onto the amplifier so I used one I already had.. It’s such a cheap price I’m going to just keep it instead of sending it back for another one. Stop endlessly searching and buy this one. Worked great for me.

This works good. I have two houses and bought one for …

 on July 19, 2017
By Tom Primmer
This works good. I have two houses and bought one for each house. You do not need outside power and can adjust antenna from inside. Only downside, is with remote or even control box there is really no way to tell what way you are turning antenna when you push buttons. If there is a way there is no instructions sent with antenna or I could find online.


 on January 25, 2018
Reading the reviews, I noticed that about 25% gave this 1 or 2 stars. Those low ratings complained of either the wire tip of the coax cable breaking off or that the red light on the antenna went out/antenna motor did not function (meaning the power from the amplifier was not enhancing the signal). When I first hooked up everything in the 2nd floor bedroom, everything worked good and I got about 20 channels with hardly any lag. After I put the antenna in the attic and ran the cable, I only received 9 channels and the red light was out and the antenna motor didn’t rotate. I knew I had been extremely careful not to drop or mishandle the antenna in any way. Though the tips of my coax cable did not break off, I suspected the cable to be inferior because of the other reviews and the fact that the power for the red light & antenna motor is supplied by going through the cable. I had some spare coax in the house so I tried replacing the coax that came with the antenna. As I was pulling their black cable through a hole in the closet ceiling, the complete end of the coax connector just broke off (another sign of an inferior cable). Everything works now and I have 31 clear/no lag channels. So for those of you that gave 1 or 2 stars and you did not return your antenna, try replacing the coax with a quality cable. Also be aware that each separate push of the antenna rotating button will turn the antenna the other way. No big deal, that’s just the way it’s programmed. I didn’t give this 4 stars because of the cheap cable and that would be my highest rating because on a whole (even had it come with a quality cable), it did not exceed my expectations.

Pulls in stations quite well from attic BUT changing directions with remote is hit and miss.

 on April 14, 2018
By David F
This antenna performs better than the 2 year old 7 ft monster it replaced pulling in a few more stations. The reason I replaced it was I need to rotate antenna to pick up other available stations clearly here in Bloomington Mn. Why I give it 3 stars is because no matter which button I push to rotate antenna , 90 % of the time to rotates the same direction. If I hit the left button I would expect it to go to the left and if I hit the right button it should go to the right. It does not. Every once and a while it will go to the left but if antenna is in the attic you can not see if it moved the right direction. I am using my own rg6 cable that I know is good so its not the bad coax other reviewers have mentioned.