ViewSonic PA503S 3600 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector

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  • ViewSonic PJD5155 3300 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector
  • ViewSonic PJD5155 3300 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector
Amazon Price: $299.99 $299.99 (as of June 21, 2018 10:35 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The View Sonic PA503S price-performance projector features 3,600 lumens, native SVGA 800 x 600 resolution, and intuitive, user-friendly design. Exclusive Super Color technology offers a wide color gamut for beautiful image production in nearly any environment. The PA503S also features extensive connectivity including HDMI, 2 x VGA, VGA out, Composite Video and audio in/out. An energy-saving Super Eco feature reduces power consumption and extends the lamp life by up to 15,000 hours. With advanced audio-visual features, flexible connectivity options, and an affordable price, the PA503S is ideal for use in education and small business environments.

Customer Reviews

Its spectacular should of bought this months ago

 on May 12, 2017
By Jbnovelwriter
Ok im sure many other reviews have all the specs you can read them from those im here to tell u it works as indicated. My pictures below are from an iphone 6s and in the dark it magnifies white light so the pictures do not reflect accurately with white light from the actual picture quality. The pictures come out in HD i have it just on a white painted wall so i can see a few spots where there were nail holes but its still amazing. The aquarium looks as if i have a giant one in my wall. The pictures u see here look much worse then the actual quality you will get but hopefully u get some understanding. The last 6 photos are with all my lights on. You can see the picture brightness is amazing. I know ppl need pictures to buy wish i could add more than 20. Everyone should have one of these. My projector is about 14 feet away from the wall. You can see my 3 22in. monitors below in some of the pictures. id say the screen is about 60-70inches. For 300 bucks this is far cheaper then an hd smart tv at this size. The projector sits on a camera tripod. The projector is much lighter than expected. Cant hear the fan at all. I have it right next to my bed and it has no noise, granted i have a 3.1 surround system around my bed that will envelope my hears with crsip sound of whatever i watch. Hope you all enjoy this as much as i do.

We love it!!

 on May 1, 2015
By carly heynes
We haven’t had our first outdoor movie on it yet but I did try it out on the side of my pole barn…the picture was great and it was huge !! This was a great buy….my kids are very excited and are ready to start our summer movie nights!

Bright Projection Image

 on October 24, 2017
By A
Lets start off with the best feature of this relatively low cost projector…. this thing is bright! I was looking for a projector to use as a full time entertainment system with either a Roku or Fire Stick that I could use at all times of the day without needing to keep the window blinds closed and after trying another more expensive (and more portable) device I decided to try this and I’m so glad I did. The picture quality is really good and the colors are not washed out during the middle of the day with my 3 windows opened. I’m currently using this against a semi yellowish flat wall and the picture quality is really good so I can only imagine the quality will be way better when I get a projection screen. The fan is not loud and you will only hear it if you are really close to the projector or when it revs up at shutdown to cool down the lamp. The not so great about this projector is the speaker… do yourself a favor and get an external speaker you can attach via the aux port as you’ll get crappy sound quality and will struggle to hear much of anything is a regular sized room.

bright, clear picture; reasonably intuitive menu

 on May 8, 2017
By Mark
I’ve only had this projector about a month and used it for maybe 10 hours of actual running time, so there may be pros or cons I haven’t seen yet.

An amazing device for such a great price.

 on June 25, 2017
By Sergio Rios
I’m in love with my ViewSonic projector! I spent a lot of time researching projectors that would give me a great picture quality for backyard movie viewing. The ViewSonic PJD5155 projector did not disappoint. The image quality it’s adjustable for clarity as well as for angle adjustment. At night the picture quality is crystal clear. I haven’t seen the picture quality in the mid afternoon since here in California the heat is scorching and I don’t plan on ever watching a movie under the hot California sun; I have, however turned on a movie outside at 6:00 when the sun hasn’t gone down yet and the picture quality is still great. Obviously the picture quality isn’t as crisp and clear on the afternoon as it is in the pitch black of night, but it’s still great. There is also a picture mode setting so that you can automatically adjust your projected image/movie with some preset picture modes. I have left pictures to show the quality on both settings.

SO glad I chose this one!

 on April 21, 2015
By Liberty A. Frederick
This projector is amazing!!

The quality of the lumen projection is excellent. It is a light weight machine

 on March 13, 2017
This projector was a pleasant surprise. I had read all the reviews before purchasing. I needed a professional projector for large meeting rooms.The quality of the lumen projection is excellent. It is a light weight machine, perfect for all of a 26 member organizaiton who are using it. It was truly plug and play. It has a better focus mechanism than any of the 4 we have previously borrowed to try out. So happy with this choice

Best Value!!!!

 on September 19, 2017
By John S.
This projector is probably the best value if it fits your needs. My screen is about 11 feet wide and 20 feet from the projector mount. So I need a projector with a zoom or throw ratio around 2:1. Most home projectors need to be much closer to the screen for the screen size that I have. My living room also has lots of ambient light, so I need a very bright projector. This one is certainly bright. No problems seeing the picture even in well lit rooms. The colors could be a little better, but I suspect you would have to spend much, much more to get a noticeable improvement.

This ViewSonic is the Project that I chose and I couldn’t be happier.

 on June 1, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I’m still in awe that this projector was priced at the point where it was. Since buying a 120″ outdoor HD screen I’ve been searching for ‘the right’ projector. After reading professional and consumer reviews I decided that this would be that projector and I couldn’t be happier.

Great for the money. Simple to use.

 on March 28, 2017
By Captain Roger
I bought this to watch outdoor movies and sports events on a big screen. The picture is great. I plug in a JBL Bluetooth speaker in with a small cable for extended loud sound and off we go. It will accept anything you plug into it (computer, HDMI, blue ray, video games, you name it). Just plug and go. We watched a kids movie in the basement the other night during a strong thunderstorm, the grandkids never knew it was storming. Indoor/Outdoor, this machine will be used a lot!