ViewTV AT-163 ATSC Digital TV Converter Box and Media Player

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Amazon Price: $69.99 $36.95 You save: $28.04 (43%). (as of September 22, 2018 7:15 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Viewtv Setup Instructions

1. Plug Viewtv device into the wall outlet.

2. Plug your Antenna (RF compatible only) into the Viewtv RF IN port

3. Plug the provided AV cable into the matching Viewtv converter box AV OUT port.

a.For HD support please use the provided HDMI Cable and plug into HDMI OUT port.

4.Plug the other end of the AV/HDMI cable into the TV's AV/HDMI IN port

RF/Coaxial cable is also compatible, please set your TV output to channel 3 Please NOTE IMPORTANT: While this device DOES have limited QAM/Cable capability, it is NOT officially supported due to incompatibility issues with some cable providers.

a. Please do NOT purchase this device soley for QAM/Cable use. Please be advised that it will work ONLY with DECRYPTED channels. It may NOT work with all Cable providers.

b. Old TV's with analog tuners will NOT allow you to watch one channel and record another with this device.

c. To delete channels go to Select Menu, Program, enter password 000000

d. New HDTVs WILL allow you to watch one channel using TV's digital tuner and record another, but you MUST enable "Loop Through" Under MENU/ Channel Search/ Modulation.(Credit to Andy) IMPORTANT: European DVB-T RF signal is NOT supported and will NOT work! Please REMOVE Clear Plastic Covering from the top of Viewtv Box before use! It cause's box to overheat!

ATS/Broadcast television is 100% guaranteed to work & is fully supported

If you have any issues with your device please contact customer support provided on your warranty card. What's in the box

1 Viewtv AT-163 converter box

1 wireless remote control

1 HDMI Cable

1 Composite cable

Customer Reviews

Same as an RCA unit you can get at Wallmart except for poorly designed internal power supply.

 on September 27, 2015
By Mike
I’ve gone through two of these in the last 6 months, both for the same reason. This product is basically the same as a small RCA “Digital TV Converter + Recorder” that they sell at Walmart, with two big differences:

Excellent low cost Tuner and DVR recorder

 on March 25, 2016
By Rich
The tuner works great with an antenna, with clear reception on high def channels. The digital recorder, which the manufacturer refers to as “PVR”, is what really is satisfying. You can pull up upcoming shows by channel, select the show you want to record, and specify f you want to record it once, daily or weekly — it is that easy. If you want to see what you recorded, you can display the PVR list. I have had the box running for days, and it is only slightly warm to the touch. I’m recording onto USB 2 flash memory, which works well with high def. A one hour high def show can take 4 GBs, where 1 hour at low def takes approximately 1 GB. Another nice feature is that I can download my recordings to my computer (MAC) and review, rename or review each there, then copy these back out to flash card fir viewing on the Viewtv box. This is an excellent functioning and low cost ATSC Tuner, DVR and full function remote; how do they do it for only $39.99? I was so impressed with this unit that I purchased a second one.

Viewtv AT-163 worth the price if you update the firmware

 on August 3, 2015
By Jabez Petefish
This converter box is yet one more in a line of boxes put on the market by several other makers (iView, ematic, homeworx being some of the others) that makes it possible to tune HDTV and make recordings of live TV. All of these different boxes are made in China, they all seem to run the same basic firmware and all offer the same functions. The differences between them is in the case design, the number and type of output connectors on the back and the size of the remote control. Some of the boxes only have composite and HDMI outputs, others have composite, component, HDMI and digital optical outputs. Most of the boxes come with very small remote controls, which means very small control buttons also. For me, small is bad. The small size of the remote along with the small buttons makes using the remote a major pain in the BLEEP. It’s very easy to hit the wrong button, and in a dimly lit room, to see the button you want to hit. So, therefore, in my opinion you should choose one of the boxes that comes with a full size remote.

Great price

 on August 18, 2016
By Bilko
This doesn’t work all the time. It’s buggy & intermittent. Sometimes the menu system works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve recorded several TV shows, haven’t gotten 1 to play all the way thru before it freezes, then nothing works, not even the power off button- have to unplug the unit and try again.