Viewtv AT-163 ATSC Digital TV Converter Box Bundle with ViewTV Flat HD Digital Indoor TV Antenna and ViewTV HDMI Cable w/Recording PVR Function/HDMI Out/Coaxial Out/Composite Out/USB Input

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Viewtv Setup Instructions

1. Plug Viewtv device into the wall outlet.

2. Plug your Antenna (RF compatible only) into the Viewtv RF IN port

3. Plug the provided AV cable into the matching Viewtv converter box AV OUT port.

a.For HD support please use the provided HDMI Cable and plug into HDMI OUT port.

4.Plug the other end of the AV/HDMI cable into the TV's AV/HDMI IN port

RF/Coaxial cable is also compatible, please set your TV output to channel 3 Please NOTE IMPORTANT: While this device DOES have limited QAM/Cable capability, it is NOT officially supported due to incompatibility issues with some cable providers.

a. Please do NOT purchase this device soley for QAM/Cable use. Please be advised that it will work ONLY with DECRYPTED channels. It may NOT work with all Cable providers.

b. Old TV's with analog tuners will NOT allow you to watch one channel and record another with this device.

c. To delete channels go to Select Menu, Program, enter password 000000

d. New HDTVs WILL allow you to watch one channel using TV's digital tuner and record another, but you MUST enable "Loop Through" Under MENU/ Channel Search/ Modulation.(Credit to Andy) IMPORTANT: European DVB-T RF signal is NOT supported and will NOT work! Please REMOVE Clear Plastic Covering from the top of Viewtv Box before use! It cause's box to overheat!

ATS/Broadcast television is 100% guaranteed to work & is fully supported

If you have any issues with your device please contact customer support provided on your warranty card. What's in the box

1 Viewtv AT-163 converter box

1 wireless remote control

1 Composite cable

1 HDMI cable

Customer Reviews

Glad I bought it.

 on May 15, 2016
By Devery329
I cut the cable a month ago and I wanted to watch the major networks. I have a digital TV and I might have been able to use just the antenna, but I figured If I had to buy something I might as well get something I could record with also. I read the reviews for this converter and it seemed like most of the negative reviews were from negative people. So I bought one, set it up in about ten minutes and started watching TV. I am not much interested in all the in between stuff, just wanted to watch ABC, CBS. NBC, PBS, FOX and the CW. On the initial scan I was able to get twenty-four channels, including CBS, PBS, ABC, and the CW, but no NBC or FOX. I moved the antenna around and tried different orientations but with no luck. I finally got the bright idea to move the antenna outside; my old DISH network satellite dish is still sitting in the yard so I used Duck tape to fix the antenna to the top of the dish and used the coax from the dish to connect the antenna to the converter, voila! 63 channels; a lot that I will never watch, but all of the major networks are there. The next task to tackle was recording a show; i recorded one show while I was watching it by just pressing the record button on the remote, this worked as expected. I tried to pause live TV and found it didn’t work, I’m thinking that if I hit the record button first I will be able to pause and even rewind back to that spot. I selected a future show that I wanted to record from the EPG (electronic Program Guide) and set it to record. The next day, while watching the show I fast forwarded to skip some commercials and the thing froze up on me. I had to kill the power to the box to get the show to play, that was frustrating but I have now learned that I can FF and REW in preview mode without any problems. So, if not being able to fast forward through commercials is a deal breaker then you probably don’t want this converter, I’m OK with it, but that is the reason I gave it just four stars. If I come up with anything else I will add a comment to this review.

and works great! I have a VIZIO Smart TV

 on November 18, 2017
By coleman connolly
This arrived on time. and works great!

Works on Home Theater TV

 on November 7, 2017
By Holly D. Meyer
This product is exactly as described!!! We purchased a Home Theater 70″er last year and didn’t realize that with “Home Theaters” they’re not considered a “TV” because they do not have a scanner or coax input and are not cable television with an antenna, only with a cable company and cable box with an HDMI input! We purchased this box hoping we’d be able to get cable off our antenna and use the HDMI as the input and WORKS!!!! The antenna that came with didn’t pick up any channels but we used a more expensive antenna that we purchased separately and it worked PERFECTLY!!!! We are beyond pleased! To get the best reception we had to put the antenna in our window so we’ll need to move our TV but wanted to show the product does work great and that it’s a super clear picture (my picture doesn’t do it justice!) Definitely recommend this to anyone!!! Also picked up at least 20+ channels total that all come in great!

Magic Box

 on September 1, 2016
By crosskey55
Dish has dropped my CBS affiliate from their programming. I purchase this little box to pull CBS from the nearest station which is 25 miles away. I get a clear picture with full HD quality. Very simple and easy to set up and I am in a wheelchair and live by myself.

I love it

 on December 10, 2015
By eric
Buy far one of the best boxes I have used . I like the fact it does not have that hole ch.3 &ch4 switch for the hole PBS thing . Easy to use and totally programmable to my television five stars all the way around is only one thing then I don’t like the fact that you have to rescan the channels every time you turn the box on other than that everything’s fine

Great Product & Customer Service

 on June 19, 2018
By Philip K. Buchanan
I believe many of the bad reviews of this converter box are from people like me who aren’t necessarily tech savvy. I ran into issues trying to get the Viewtv AT-163 installed. I called customer service. The man was both courteous and knowledgeable. Turned out it wasn’t me but a defective box. A new one was at my door in a couple of days. My 80-year-old eyes had no problem following the printed instructions. Within minutes I was pulling in more than 40 stations with an outdoor antenna in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area of Western New York. Popped a couple AAA batteries into the remote and sat back watching off-air digital TV on my Neanderthal analog television set. Have not yet tried recording any programs. I am giving a 5-star rating for the product and the company’s customer service.

Get a separate better antenna if signals originate from disparate angles, greater distances, or have complex signal paths

 on July 10, 2018
By a reviewer
I wouldn’t bother with the bundle including the antenna. For an urban environment I later bought the “AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna” to replace the bundled antenna and got noticeable signal improvement. The ’35 mile’ version of that antenna works well enough. Wouldn’t go with the pre-amp included ’50 mile’ version since the pre-amp degraded the signal. There are other similar indoor antennas that should do a fine job as well.

Does enough to make us satisfied.

 on February 25, 2016
By socr03
We needed this cable box as our cable input is fried. For that, it does the job. The actual antenna it comes with though is mediocre. We ended up buying a secondary one to replace this one in order to get the channels to work. I realize this is all dependent on where you live, but the other $30 dollar one we bought works twice as good.

Looks good but the menus are a little clunky and slow

 on December 19, 2015
By floyd
Arrived on time and undamaged. Looks good but the menus are a little clunky and slow.