VIVO 100″ Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen, 100 Inch Diagonal Projection HD 4:3 Projection Pull Up Foldable Stand Tripod (PS-T-100)

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Amazon Price: $69.99 (as of September 22, 2018 12:55 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

VIVO's tripod portable projection screen is 100" diagonal (60" x 80") at a 4:3 HD format. It has a foldable tripod stand for easy setup and take down. The gain is 1.1, viewing angle is 120 degrees, and the screen is a high quality multi-layer matte white with a black backing to avoid light penetration for a clear image.

Tripod Portable Projection Screens
VIVO's new tripod projector screen is an affordable solution for professional or personal projection needs. This easy to use screen is perfect for home theaters, businesses and classrooms. This high quality screen offers smooth transitioning into desired screen height. The aluminum tripod legs provide a stable base during use which will then fold up for easy portability. It is universally suitable for most LED, LCD or DLP projectors on the market. The 1.1 gain and wide viewing angle prevent hot spotting and provide outstanding image reproduction and clarity from all angles.

Screen Material
All screens are made with a high quality material which has multilayer matte white with a black backing to avoid light penetration for a clear image. Each screen is cleanable with mild soap and water.

Sizes Available
VIVO's tripod portable projection screens are available in sizes 84" Diagonal and 100" Diagonal.

In The Box
-VIVO Tripod Projector Screen
-Aluminum Tripod
-Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

Don’t want to spend a lot…this is worth a shot.

 on May 12, 2015
By Andrew Visitacion
After reading the reviews, my expectations were set REALLY low. But, the price was really low as well so thought I’d give it a shot anyway. With that said, the screen that arrived was in perfect shape. It was packed very well with lots of cushion and was very much a brand new product. Assembly was very easy and I was a little surprised at why some of the reviews I read were as bad. In any case…assembled and in action in less than 5 minutes. One thing about this screen is it is low to the ground. Not sure what the reasoning was behind this, but the tripod in the picture looks low…in real life it really is that low so plan ahead. We used it for a presentation for mom’s 70th bday, and we had to put the whole screen up on a table so that the entire crowd of 150 people could see it appropriately. Otherwise..its a great screen and for the price is well worth it. Deduct a star because the tripod is so low to ground. Although this is a “portable” screen, you will have to get your own case or bag. I use the cardboard carton it came in as a case and works fine for me. I made sure 2 people were carrying it at any given time to make sure it didn’t accidently get dropped or banged against something. You get what you pay for. If you will be using this a few times here and there, it will probably pay for itself in rental fees. Your Mileage May Vary. Good luck!

Great Screen, Especially for the Price

 on January 3, 2016
By D. Shetterly
The screen had a beautiful image when I displayed my projector on it and worked well in the meeting room at the hotel. It was easy to set up and take down and provided more than enough space to project a large image. The only thing I regret doing is buying this size, because it isn’t easy to transport, but that is no fault of the VIVO. The tripod seemed to be sturdy enough. I don’t forsee any problems with this, but was quite pleased to how bright and well it showed my image. I’m still trying to find a case for it so I don’t mess it up but until I find that, I’m using the box it came in.

Pretty nice

 on October 11, 2017
By Cango
Bought this and the Andyer projector ( for outdoor movies with the family this fall. Even though it says “portable” it’s still 100″ of screen…not very portable. Instructions are a bit odd. There are instructions for 1. Structure 2. Installing 3. Useful Instructions 4. Warnings. So let’s go back to #3. Are 1, 2 and 4 not useful instructions? If you are a mechanical at all, you should be able to figure out that the small blue dial releases the screen and the handle slides up and down along with the top blue dial to adjust the height of the screen. It’s a good buy for what we’re wanting to do. Need to find a case to put this in now.

Happy with it

 on March 27, 2018
By J.C.
I was able to get this on a warehouse deal. The box came damaged and the metal of the screen has a few nics and wear on it but the screen itself is pristine. I am very satisfied with it so far. We have used it every night now for about a week and really enjoy it. The truly ONLY negative that I can say about it is the size and how much of a pain it is putting it up each night. You dont have an idea of how big 100″ is until you put it up in the living room and its huge….it takes up space and of course you are not able to fold it. You can however swivel the screen holder and legs and put it away in a corner.

Impress your nerd friends

 on December 4, 2017
By Kris Randolph
It is hard to know what to buy when you have not a clue about where to start. The biggest compliment that I had made a solid purchase is the compliments I get from my techy friends. I had a dinner party at my house and after a few hours I pulled out our projector and put on a Netflix comedy special. The next day I was asked about the brand I bought for both the projector and the screen. I am never on this side of the fence. I always get advice from these guys.

OMG this this is awesome! I didn’t realize how big 120” is

 on April 7, 2018
By A Guy
OMG this this is awesome! I didn’t realize how big 120” is!!! I have a nice sized home, but it’s not really uselful for the house if I want to use the full screen. Luckily, I don’t and I got it for outdoors. I can’t wait for the northeast weather to warm up in the next month or 2! This is a great product. So easy to set up. Using it as I type this out only using a portion of the huge screen. Get it!

Best projector screen for the money

 on April 17, 2017
By Amazon Customer
This projector screen is definitely the best for the money. Setup took less than 5 minutes and it looks great. Would highly recommend.