Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna (RV Portable Satellite Dish, Tailgating Portable Satellite Antenna)

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Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker RV Portable Satellite Antenna:

The Winegard DISH Playmaker is specially designed for watching DISH HD programming while in the RV, camping, hunting, or make your tailgate party the ultimate tailgater! This easy to use portable satellite system automatically finds satellite programming with no antenna pointing.

Winegard Company designs and manufactures the greatest spectrum of world class terrestrial and satellite video and data antenna products and accessories for residential and mobile applications. Winegard's superior antenna design and manufacturing facilities total 410,000 sq. ft and include a state of the art testing, validation and measurement center. Effortless Portable Satellite Setup:

The DISH Playmaker is a fully automatic portable satellite antenna and is easy for anyone to set up in just a few minutes. Simply connect the included 25 foot coax between the DISH Playmaker and the satellite receiver, then connect an HDMI or coax from the satellite receiver to the TV. Power up the satellite receiver and TV and complete the satellite receiver setup. Pay-As-You-Go Satellite Programming:

Compatible with your current DISH subscription or pay-as-you-go satellite programming providing convenience of no long contracts or commitments. Winegard programming specialists are available to help walk you through the entire process. DISH Playmaker RV Portable Satellite Temporary Mount Options:

Temporary mount options for this portable satellite TV antenna make usage easier while also raising the antenna off of the ground for better reception. The Winegard TR-1518 tripod mount and MT-SM30 window or side vehicle mount are built to withstand the harsh outdoor environment.

Customer Reviews

Frustration Saver for the RV’er!

 on October 25, 2016
By Brian
After some initial trouble with the delivery (I don’t know why Amazon uses the Post Office for prime members), I received my Playmaker 5 days after ordering it. I have dish at home and plan to use this while rv’ing. I tested it immediately in my backyard to make sure I would have no issues once I got to my destination. I have Wally receivers in my bedroom and living room at home. After switching the coaxial cable from my house mounted dish to the Playmaker, the “mobile antenna setup” screen immediately popped up on my TV. After making sure my Playmaker had a clear view of the southern sky, I selected southern California and “scan” and after about 5-10 minutes I was up and running after the scan completed. No need to call Dish or Winegard. That’s the beauty, I can take one of my home Wally’s with me. No need to pay another $7 a month for another receiver. No need to call anyone to start or stop service. At my destination I had to move it a couple times before it found all 3 satellites (use a satellite finding phone app and select Echostar satellite 119, make sure no trees are in your phone cameras’ view when the phone is pointed directly at the satellite). This unit is so much easier than my old manual Winegard. That involved having my wife go inside and watch the screen and yell when the signal got stronger, you get the picture. With this unit you will here a faint grinding sound from the unit when you switch between channels that are broadcast off different satellites. This is normal and will also notice this same sound, for a longer period of time, as your dish searches for the satellites after your initial placement. One more great thing, between the satellite, receiver and my low power lcd TV, I am able to boondock and watch TV. No need to run my generator. My 300 watt inverter can handle the task easily for several hours without draining my batteries. All in all, with the prices of these automatic units coming way down, I am extremely happy with this purchase.

works perfectly

 on September 13, 2016
By Brian Jump
Works perfectly! Simply point at the southern sky, hit scan, and it takes about 7 mins to find the satellite and populate the guide. Couldn’t be easier.

Fantastic product.

 on April 25, 2017
By Kindle Customer
Very pleased with our order and much more compact then I imagined it would be. Great addition to our RV adventure! You can’t beet the price. I like the fact that you just select the state you are in on the unit to hone in on the satellite.

This is the One – Look No Further

 on April 21, 2017
By KSB-2
I recently purchased this item as a replacement for the King Satellite Dish. I could not be happier. It pulls in all of my channels with nary a blip, glitch or pause – even in a driving rainstorm here in central Oregon. I wasted my time with the hassles of the previous dish – I should have known that Winegard would be the gold standard. Buy this one.

Love this antenna!

 on April 8, 2017
By Melissa
I recently moved into my RV full-time, and I had taken along my Dish receiver from my house. I had paused my Dish service. Travling around, I found that cable TV in RV parks was not very good most of the time. So I took Dish off pause and bought this antenna. It worked just fine with my Dish receiver. The only problem I had was with Dish, they had to resend a second signal to switch on my account. It was a software issue on their side, no big deal. The Playmaker is VERY easy to use. I am currently in central Texas and have excellent reception. A heads-up for RV owners: if you want to run the co-ax cable from the Playmaker through your RV system, you can. However, you will have to bypass your video boost box with a barrel connector. The co-ax coming from your Cable TV external outlet has to be disconnected from your video box. You will also have to disconnect the co-ax coming from the video box going through the coach to the TV set up with the Dish receiver. The connect these two cables together with the barrel connector. Easy to do and I am technically-challenged. I am very happy with the purchase. I ran a bike cable through the handle of the Playmaker for security, although if you turned the unit upside-down, you would see that you can unscrew the handle. But it looks secure, and that’s helpful.

Works great

 on July 15, 2016
By Norcal Rob
This satellite antenna works great with a compatible Dish network receiver. It is smaller and somewhat less expensive than other automatic portable dishes. It needs to be on a level surface (plus or minus three degrees). I use a 1/2″ piece of plywood and check it with bubble level, adding shims if necessary. It can also be used with Winegard’s Carry out portable tripod, which has adjustable legs for uneven ground. Once the antenna is level and in a position to see the southern sky, you just tell the receiver which state you are in (Northern or Southern for California), and the system finds the three satellites and downloads the programming guide. I thought that there might be a delay when changing channels to a different satellite, but it is about the same as with my home system. With this antenna and my VIP 211K receiver, I get all of the services that I get at home while RV’ing. A 25 foot cable is included and the manufacturer recommends not going over 50 feet. This dish would also be a nice backup for roof mounted dishes when they are blocked by trees or other obstructions, assuming, of course, that you have a compatible Dish network receiver.

Five Stars

 on May 3, 2017
By teal
Insanely easy. Just make sure to check your input if switching from rca cables to hdmi cable. Duh

Works as advertised, setup was a little difficult.

 on June 7, 2017
By tschuck
Works as advertised. Did have some setup issues. I discovered that if you buy the receiver from a third party, the software may be the default factory installed software, not the latest version needed to successfully finish the setup. Caused some problems and had to hook the receiver up directly to my home satellite network to update the software. It took three calls to support to discover the issue. After the proper software was installed, setup went well and has worked great.

Cancel the first screen during setup.

 on August 10, 2017
By jeffm517
I had a problem with the initial set up. It wouldn’t get past the first screen no matter how many times I manually reset it. Nowhere in the instructions does it tell you to cancel the first screen. Once I did that setup took no time and I was soon setting up my Wally for the shows I wanted to see. It travels well in its box.

Just what we wanted

 on August 18, 2016
By Amazon Customer
It was just what we wanted. It was as posted, and arrived in a few days.