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The Winegard SK-1000 TRAV'LER Automatic Multi-Satellite TV Antenna is designed to bring you everything that satellite television offers, TRAV'LER automatic multi-satellite antennas provide the same satellite TV viewing experience in your RV as your home! Watch seperate programming on multiple TVs simultaneously. With most RVs equipped with more than two TVs, the TRAV'LER is perfect for families with different viewing needs. View all satellites at the same time for maximum programming. Never miss your favorite show again! Watch any program, on any TV in the RV, at the same time! Great to use with DVRs – watch and record from different satellites simultaneously.

Customer Reviews

Not being blocked by trees very often

 on March 14, 2015
By D. Weeks
The best thing about this unit is it is “just like home” and you can use a Hopper on the road! And it is ultra-convenient, so when stopped for lunch or dinner, it is easy to pop up the dish and be watching TV.

Works great!

 on April 29, 2016
By Manford Brown
I purchased the SK-1000 after reading the other reviews and watching several do it yourself install videos. I currently have the King Dom on my coach and have been fighting with it for years. After replacing the TV with a high definition set and a Dish Network HD DVR the King Dom had to go.

Best decision we’ve ever made, as RVers

 on April 14, 2017
By Patti A.
We purchased this for our 5th wheel RV. In spite of what DISH will tell you, Hopper 3 will most definitely work with the Winegard SK-1000. All you have to do is purchase the Dish 1000.2 Dishpro Hybrid (DPH) Triple LNBF to install on the Dish to make Hopper 2 or 3 work with it. We were told by rep. after rep. that they will not work together. So we found a company that works with Dish as an independent contractor, and they installed them together. Absolutely no problems. We love this dish. It’s compact, the reception is excellent, and just being able to push a button to lower and raise it, as well as automatically finding the coordinates is so convenient and fast. This is the best option for traveling RVers. You will have cable TV everytime to stop, no matter where it is.

It dosen’t get any better than this.

 on April 22, 2014
By Terry Smiel
We were contemplating on purchasing a portable satellite for our fifth wheel until I read the reviews about them. Then I read about the Winegard SK-1000. Although it was 3 times the price, I didn’t want to purchase a unit that I wouldn’t be completely happy with. So I bought one along with three VIP211z HD Receivers and am I ever glad I did. This unit is 10 times better. I don’t have to find a place to store it, I don’t have to buy a lot of extra accessories to operate it and I don’t have to find a place on my park lot to put it. Like everybody else says, just a push of one button and it does the rest. If I’m parked near trees (not a forest or complete leafy canopy) I only have to move my RV a foot or two in either direction to get proper reception. I had it installed at Camping World for a little over $600. Although my 3 TV’s had cable running to them, they had to run a dedicated cable for each TV so you can hook up 1 HDMI cable to the satellite receiver and another HDMI cable or regular cable to the old antenna/cable line. You just have to use your remote control to switch between the two TV inputs. They did a professional job with a 30 day warranty. We are very happy with the SK-1000 and Dish pay-as-you-go. This month by month Dish plan allows you to use your satellite day by day and after your vacation is over you call Dish and they put your subscription on pause. Ready for another week or weekend of camping? Just call dish and they take you off pause and your 1 month prescription continues. If you camp on and off for 30 days during the summer you only pay for 1 month. Heck, you might as well get the best Dish package available. Glad I spent the extra money. I got the best price on everything from Amazon and free shipping. Best deal anywhere.

First class Dish antenna

 on September 14, 2017
By Tomas
I really like this antenna. I installed it myself and it was very straightforward. Once installed I turned it on and it did what it’s designed to do: it raised, located the satellites, and I started watching my Dish tv programming inside my RV. Of course you must call dish so you can get local programming. I have two cable boxes and used the existing cabling in the RV with excellent results. When I’m ready to go, just a press of the buttons and the antenna stows for travel. It’s been a year of flawless operation. And Amazon has a very good price plus Prime delivery right to the park in Oregon where I was staying

No more satellite dish frustration

 on August 14, 2012
By D. Rambow
I used a DISH portable dish for over two years. The first year or so, it was set and never moved. Then I went on the road in an RV. First attempt at aiming, in Washington State, took hours, and lots of experimentation. I finally got it right, used all the tools, all the aiming co-ordinates, used a meter, still it was hard.

This is a great antenna. It found the 3 Dish satellites in …

 on June 28, 2014
By Bill Maddox
This is a great antenna. It found the 3 Dish satellites in about 5 minutes. It stowed in about 2 minutes. I installed it with very little effort. The biggest problem is figuring out where to bring the control cable and the coax cable through the roof to the cabin. I did purchase the mounting bracket (SKA-008) and installed it first. The mounting bracket is long enough to be under the antenna wheel when stowed, so you do NOT need to purchase the SKA-004 bracket.

This antenna is a great addition to our RV

 on April 7, 2017
By ouraydog
This antenna is a great addition to our RV. We previously had a King Dome and it never worked properly. With the Winegard it locks on to all three satellites in just a few minutes and works great even when it is raining. It is also very easy to use, requiring on a couple of button pushes to open or close.

It’s amazing!

 on September 14, 2013
By J. Town
Went up north to visit dad, spent over an hour not getting my manual triple-LNB dish aligned, and decided to finally throw down a pile of money for The Magic Dish. This thing is amazing. Plunked it down on the patio, plugged it in, and pressed “power”. The dish did its left/right, up/down, “RCA dog” thing and was locked in on three satellites in less time than it took me to get my old reflector bolted to the tripod.

Reliable and solid.

 on March 4, 2016
By mgs1
saved us some money ordering from online, but if you think you are going to install this yourself, think again. Installation was quite a bit more than we thought it would be.