Yamaha RX-V383BL 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth

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Av receiver with built-in Bluetooth for wireless music playback, stunning 4K Ultra HD video with HDCP 2.2, high dynamic range (HDR), BT.2020 compatibility and a discrete 5.1-Channel amplifier design with automatic YPAO calibration to ensure Optimal performance.

Customer Reviews

Excellent sound and features, but for the most enjoyment you need to understand the choices. Here are some tips.

 on August 18, 2017
By Daveen
I love this receiver. Does it put out good sound? Of course it does, because due to technological advances and economies of scale, ALL receiver amplifiers these days produce excellent, accurate audio. So the sound quality you hear is really determined more by the speakers than anything else. To illustrate this point, consider this: I use a pair of Martin Logan Motion 4 speakers in the front, which are truly excellent, yet moderately priced speakers. I got them off of ebay for $173 each. They’re compact and quite portable, so I took these speakers to my daughter’s wedding reception and powered them with a little $60 bluetooth capable, rechargeable amplifier that I can hold in the palm of my hand. We used this setup for a smart phone playlist after the live musician left. It sounded great. You do want a receiver with enough power to drive the speakers loudly. And if you’re buying an A/V receiver, you want options and features. This Yamaha has all of that. It deserves the best speakers you can afford, especially the front ones. If you need to economize, you can do that initially on the middle speaker, the rears and the sub-woofer, because they are in a supportive role, and you can upgrade them over time.

A very good entry-level Receiver

 on July 18, 2017
By Calvinice

Can’t go wrong with Yamaha

 on February 20, 2018
By T. Shepard
This is my second, lower cost Yamaha receiver and they don’t disappoint. With a good set of surround speakers and current-standard HDMI cables these things really kick out the volume with crystal clear sound, rich bass and a stunning picture. You can spend $6-800+ on higher end receivers and for some people maybe they’re necessary, but honestly for the average TV, music, movie watcher I just don’t see the need. Yamaha packs a lot of technology in at really decent price points. The only reason I upgraded to this receiver is because although my prior recvr. (RX-V477) did allow for 4k pass through, it did not have HDCP 2.2 HDMI connection ports which you need to enjoy 4k in HDR or Dolby Vision. The best I could get out of it was 4k SDR at 60 Hz which was still nice, but I wanted to take full advantage of the best 4k can offer. I have this unit paired with an LG 65″ LED/LCD 4k tv and an Energy 5.1 home theater surround kit with subwoofer. Peripheral devices include a 4k Apple TV box, Amazon Fire Stick and a Sony BluRay player that barely get used anymore. The Dolby Vision coupled with DTS surround sound is stellar. My first 4k test movie was the latest Star Trek and let me tell you….WOW! It really pops.

A million features, solved my problems. Recommend.

 on September 19, 2017
By Mr Nomad
This thing has about a million options so plan on spending the time to read the 88 page manual. It ‘s a fast read. My primary goal was DRC which is an internal circuit that trims excessively loud noises from (ie) car crashes and obnoxious commercials. I was able to set MAX VOLUME. The second feature I wanted was the ability to emphasize that portion of the bandwidth attributed to language. IOW, I wanted to stop asking my wife WHAT DID HE SAY? The 383 has a synthesizer for each speaker so instead of replacing my CENTER speaker for $100+, I changed the characteristics of the sound using Yamaha’s synthesizer. Awesome!! Third, I like the idea of being able to use a Bluetooth headset which this amp will do. IOW, not only does it send data from your phone to the amp, but the 383 will send data to Bluetooth speakers. I haven’t tested that feature yet.

Easy setup, works beautifully in family room with a good set of 5.1 speakers.

 on October 15, 2017
By Mr. Edw
I purchased this for a friend, who absolutely loves the receiver. It’s setup was quick and painless, and it sounds great with the 5,1 speaker system we installed with it. It solved all the issues my friend had with needing more HDMI inputs, and is simple to operate and adjust settings. Plenty loud enough for all but the largest living-room or family rooms (though this depends also on the speakers the owner selects, and the volume levels he/she prefers).

This Yamaha is great because its kind of a set it and forget …

 on April 3, 2018
By Valentine
I have personally had 5 receivers over my lifetime and I always find myself going back to Yamaha. I’ve had more expensive ones and honestly I found the last one to be too complicated. I am setting up a home theater for the house and I wanted my kids to be able to handle everything without having five different remotes to run a movie. My older receiver was much more money but it was a little outdated. It lacked HDMI inputs etc. It was also way too complicated with the sound settings and adjustments. This Yamaha is great because its kind of a set it and forget it type thing. The microphone to help optimize your speakers is a great new option and makes your initial setup very easy. The prefigured sound settings are nice. A lot of audiophiles will tell you you need to get in and adjust every little thing this way and that. I honestly dont worry about that kind of thing.

Not an easy set up

 on May 1, 2018
By Amazon Customer
Overall – I’m disappointed with this receiver. After several attempts and calls to Yahama support I ultimately gave up trying to connect this receiver to my TV and components via HDMI.

High quality, easy to use for a great surround sound experience

 on December 10, 2017
By sportsphotographer
High quality sound that works great in my 25′ x 30′ den. I have it paired with a 

Once you go Yamaha you never go back

 on October 23, 2017
By Michael B
I love Yamaha audio equipment. I was lured into buying an Onkyo last time by techie friend, and it may have had great features for the $, but ultimately you want great audio. Yamaha delivers. Same speakers, sub, room but the quality of sound, the depth and ambience and so much better. Not as good as my old Fisher tube amp, but still a joy to listen to. Never buying another brand of audio.

Excellent for the price

 on November 18, 2017
By D. Schlegel
Excellent for the price! Easy to hookup, surround sound in no time with my existing woofer and speakers. I do recommend, even though not necessary, the Monoprice 24K Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs, Closed Screw Type (real cheap on amazon) and makes the hook-up of the two front speakers a lot easier, at least for me. My hubby figured the surround sound remote in record time–imagine that. Happy Hubby, Happy Wife.